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Hello! We are Valentine, Sara and Korben, and we want to say thank you!

Thank you for your time getting to know us, and for considering us to be the parents of your child. We can’t imagine anything you are thinking right now, so we simply want to tell you how much we will love your baby and how we will dedicate our lives to ensuring your child grows up happy, healthy, empowered and loved.

Sara was adopted many years ago, and has flourished and grown to adulthood surrounded by family who support and love her dearly. We want the same for your child.

We pledge to love and raise your child to the best of our abilities. The dream of adding to our family is what we think about every day, and once this dream is realized, we will continue to live life to the fullest with the baby, and give your child every opportunity in life we can offer.

Muchas gracias por tu regalo precioso. Estamos eternamente agradecidos.

Спасибо за этот прекрасный подарок! Мы вам будем бесконечно благодарны!

(Thank you for this precious gift. We are forever grateful.)