Meet Karla and Chris

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About Chris

I love Washington, DC, music, teaching, and bacon! I enjoy cooking and usually make most of our nightly dinners, as well as holiday meals. I'm an avid reader of all topics, working through about 10+ books at any given time. I completed an MBA and am now finishing my PhD. However, my first degree was in recording arts and music is my safe haven. I play guitar, and listen to music every chance I get.

A Note From Karla

Chris has so many wonderful qualities - smart, brave, adventurous, responsible, great cook - but the one I admire the most is his ability to coach and support others. He is always the first to volunteer to help. He helped his family through tough times, was a mentor in the Big Brother program, and joined the military after 9/11 happened. I love that he is both strong and vulnerable. He can run large corporations and also tear-up during an emotional show or movie. Chris loves to cook and I love to eat! He even does the dishes! He is an awesome puppy dad and I know he wants nothing more than to also be dad to a child.