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Dear Friend,

We wish we could be having this conversation sitting across from one another over a pint of ice cream. It seems that there’s so much to say. Foremost, we are so incredibly moved by the love and strength that you have to choose adoption for your child. We cannot begin to understand all of the thoughts and emotions you must be feeling right now in this place of navigating a huge life decision. We may never be able to understand how hard this decision is for you, but we hope and pray that you will find peace and comfort in knowing that by making this selfless decision you are helping to create a miracle for a family. 

Please know that when we chose adoption we chose it knowing that our hearts would open even bigger to not only a child but to love for you. We want you to know that if you see your child walking through life with us, they will forever know that it’s because you loved them so much that you choose us to be his or her parents. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little of our hearts. 


Chris and Tess