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Dear our future expectant mother;

When we think about this letter to you we are often at a loss for words, but we think of you often.

The road you are traveling is an incredibly brave road for both you and your child.

As parents ourselves, we want you to know that we have a world of respect for you and this decision you are considering.

As hopeful adoptive parents we cannot promise perfection, but we can promise pure and unconditional love for your child. We promise to love any child that we bring into our home in the exact same way we would love any of our children. We promise to care for, nurture, respect, and honor our child's story, as well as any part of your story you would like to share in their lives! Our hope is that you always feel supported and loved as you walk this path. Please feel free to reach out to our family about any and all questions you have! We would love to connect with you! Wishing you love and light along the way!


The Perkins