Meet Becca and Skylar

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About Becca

Becca is a loving, hardworking, and dedicated mother to her two current children. She grew up in Boise Idaho, attending private school, and graduated college from Boise State. She works as a Neurophysiologist and though she is very dedicated to her profession, finding a work and home balance is very important to her and she is always sure to make quality time for her kids and family. Throughout high school and college Becca did multiple trips out of the country to help children and villages in need. Her heart has always been drawn to adoption, and the African American population. Becca feels educated and well prepared to mother a child of color. She has attending education workshops about transracial adoption, and being a military family is surrounded constantly by diversity allowing for many racial mirrors to be seen as the child grows. We as a family are dedicated to welcoming a child into our home, but allowing them to know and explore where their roots lie! We are waiting with open arms!

A Note From Skylar

I knew when I met Becca that she was going to be a stellar mother to our future children. We knew immediately that we would start trying for a family and it happened right away for us. After our daughter was born she was everything I imagined she would be in a mother; attentive, loving, caring, and fun. She found so much joy in motherhood and I loved watching her be a mom. She always talked about adoption and I knew it was something we would pursue in the future. We hope that our future adopted child knows that we will love them just as much as any child of ours. As their father I will ensure they know that they are always loved and accepted into our family. I have heard Becca speak of the mission trips she has done and seen the pictures of the lives she has touched. I have no doubt she will continue to do amazing things. Other people would describe Becca as determined, motivated, smart, and hard working. I cannot wait to watch her be a mother again.