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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile. This is such a small glimpse of who we are but we hope you can see how much love we have to offer! Since having more biological children isn’t in the cards for our family, we are so grateful you are considering us as potential adoptive parents. We understand how difficult this decision must be for you and that you only want what’s best for the child. Please know that we are praying for you and admire how much courage it has taken to get you this far.

Should you decide to make an adoption plan, we are open to any level of communication and openness for you and this baby. We believe it is imperative that she know where she came from and her whole adoption story as she grows. We have hearts just waiting to be filled by a beautiful little girl and will give her much love, encouragement and the happiest of homes.

Our two sons are so excited to have a baby sister and want to teach her all about riding bikes, playing on the slides and how to hit a baseball! We wish to instill in her, as we have been with our sons, to be respectful and thoughtful and to always have fun in all you do! We believe that children should be in activities they enjoy to teach them teamwork, commitment, hard work and the joy of seeing that hard work pay off. So whether this little p one wants to be a ballerina, ride horses, play softball or be an astronaut we want her to chase her dreams! We will give her every opportunity to do so and love and support her through it all.

She will have grandparents that don’t know the meaning of the world “no” and wish to love and spoil her beyond anyone’s imagination. She will be the only little girl on both sides of the family so, I can only imagine the princess dresses from Disney World and the giant bows for her hair that they will buy! I know Nanna and Grandma are just itching for a sweet little girl to call their grandbaby.

Being that we live on a farm, she will also learn where food comes from. We have chickens that lay fresh eggs daily and during the summer like to grow some of our own vegetables. Not only is this all healthier but it also tastes so much better! We believe children should be able to play outside, get a little bit dirty and breathe clean country air. Riding horses she can learn to take care of something that depends on her but also has lots of love to offer back. We want to read to her every night, snuggle her until it’s bedtime, sing silly songs, introduce her to Mickey Mouse and our love of all things Disney. We we will teach her to love the Washington Nationals and already have several pink Nats outfits. We will cheer on her successes, wipe away the tears when she falls and just be her biggest fans!

Again thank you so much for considering us! We are excited to be on this journey and hope you make the best decision for you and the baby no matter what that decision is. We really admire you for the bravery it has taken to get you down this path. We look forward to the opportunity to expand our family through adoption!