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Hello! We are Amy, Adam and Christina and we are so grateful that you are taking the time to get to know our family and consider us for your child. It’s such an impossible decision, but we would love to be there to support you and include you as part of our family too. We live in Virginia, however we like to travel. We are unable to have a biological child of our own and always knew that adoption would be an amazing way to grow our family. Our one adopted daughter is three years old and full of personality. She is extremely excited to become a big sister! Our extended family is large, most live close to us but we also have family in Texas, New York, South Carolina, and New Jersey. Adam grew up overseas in many different countries. He is a duel citizen of the US and UK through his father who is from London. All of our family and friends are very supportive of our decision to adopt.

Family is so important, and if chosen your child would be surrounded with so much love joining ours! We promise to respect whatever level of openness you decide. Our family would encourage your child to explore its culture and heritage. We have a large adoption group that is very diverse and full of different stories of how their families formed. We do playdates and it is such an amazing little community full of support. Our area is also very diverse and our church is full of people who have adopted or are adopted.

Our family loves music, reading, and animals just to name a few. We are very loving and always supportive. Amy is the oldest of five and Adam is the oldest of three, and we both loved growing up with siblings and our hope is our daughter will know that joy too. We are active in our church and community and want to teach our child(ren) to always be kind and helpful. We also will encourage them to be curious and to keep learning new things.

No parent is perfect but we promise to always do our best and that your child will always be loved. We are financially and emotionally ready to grow our family and cannot wait to see the bond that will be created with our daughter.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this letter. We are praying for you as you make this decision!


Amy, Adam & Christina