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Meet Eden and Adam

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We promise the baby you bring

into this world will constantly

have our love, support and

encouragement and will be

exposed to different cultures,

experiences and have God in

their life.

You can expect this child will

receive an excellent education

and will be afforded the

opportunity to pursue their

interests including whatever

special abilities and talents they

may have.

You will always be in our hearts

and your sweet child will know his/her history and the special way they came into this

world. We will forever remember our bond with you and always be grateful that you chose

us to be parents.

We have an overflowing amount of love to give your child and an infinite amount of

happiness to share. We sincerely appreciate you for taking the time to see a glimpse into

our love of the out-doors, fun-filled, sometimes kooky family life.

We’d love to hear from you, if you have any question please let us know!!

With love from around the world,

Adam & Eden