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Life is fraught with many wonderful and downhearted events that together help create a magnificent, meaningful life. People all over the world are on their own adventures at many stages of their lives. Some are just beginning to write their amazing journey while others are closing the last chapter. To us one of the most significant achievements in life is raising a family. We want to help your child start his or her own chapter in our family.

Our life will be full with love and respect for your child and the paths they choose. We believe what creates great parents is by supporting and encouraging children to achieve their dreams and ambitions in life. We will provide this support in everything they do whether their goals become sports dreams to academic dreams and beyond. Most of all we will provide love which is the glue that holds families together.

We imagine many nights of bedtime stories and star gazing adventures to Saturday walks in the park playing with the dogs. Your child will have many memories of travels and family voyages around the world. Your child will learn about many other cultures and religions. We are very strong in our Christian faith however we believe that every child should have the opportunity to discover what they believe and grow in that. Sundays will be spent growing up in our church community and also spending afternoons and evenings with family building those bonds.

Your child will be showered with so much love and encouragement from such wonderful people in our lives. Your child will want for nothing and continue to grow surrounded by warmth and love. Holidays will be spent enjoying our many family traditions from decorating our Christmas tree to fireworks and barbecues on the fourth of July. Life will definitely be an exciting adventure for your child and at the end of the day there will be plenty of snuggle time with all of us.

We want to express to you that your decision in considering adoption is one that deserves great honor and respect. We admire this. We wish to respect your wishes regarding your openness through the adoption and we want you to be a part of this journey also. We would love to share stories and pictures of our family growing and if you are open we would love to provide the same to your child about you. We love and respect your decision and will convey to your child every day that decision if you wish. Your presence will be with your child throughout their life. Our ancestry is just one chapter that helps to build our life and we will openly share your ancestry with your child.

Thank you in taking the time to learn about our life and dreams. We wish you all the love and blessings in everything you do and whatever path you journey. May you take comfort in the thought that no matter what decision you choose your child will truly be loved and blessed. Many blessings and prayers, Travis, Christina and Ascher