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Meet Marie and Jack

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About Jack

A heart the size of that pumpkin!” Marie


- Running alongside the river

- Soccer (l love watching the world cup to support the Swiss national team and follows Arsenal the rest of the year)

- Music mixtapes (to compile all the new music and tracks in hip hop, R&B, indie, jazz and electronic)

- Trees & Nature (going back to the roots! it's important to escape to the countryside and go back to the Swiss mountains twice a year)

- Ice Cream (so many good places in our neighborhood!)

A Note From Marie

JacK and I have known each other for 6 years, it was love at third sight. We had both left our native countries (France and Switzerland) for London where we lived for 12 years without ever bumping into each other!

I feel so lucky to live with Jacques. He is very responsible, serious and loyal (his Swiss side) but also very cool. Working in the music industry which means we get to discover all new things.

The most important thing is that he has a very big heart.

From the beginning he told me how much having a family was the most important thing for him and we hope to see our children grow up here. He will transmit a good education and manners but also an eye for culture, music and art.