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About Jim


I am originally from Youngstown and went to college in Toledo (which is how we met). I am a Math man and have an engineering background. I currently lead large capital projects for a global manufacturing company. I am an avid drag racer and compete throughout Ohio. While I love racing, my first and foremost love is being a Dad. I enjoy seeing Quinn grow and prosper in all aspects of her life.

A Note From Megan

All About Jim (written by Megan),

My husband, Jim is full of so many great qualities! He is loyal, loving, hard-working and incredibly funny. He a Regional Manager for a nearby manufacturing company. When Jim goes to work he has two goals in mind: provide for his family and utilize his intelligence. I admire his intellect and sometimes even shake my head because I have no idea what he's talking about. There must be an engineer language I don't know about! On the flip side he is the goofy dad that is able to shake it down to a Taylor Swift song or color the newest picture of a Disney Princess. Jim is an amazing father! When she sees him her face lights up! This warms my heart. It goes without saying that Jim is a loyal and loving husband. It's been 16 great years! He has such a good heart and is always striving to be a better person. He is my race car driving, bug killing, light bulb changing hug giving, listener when I'm illogical, forever date. I hope that your child will get to experience the amazing guy that we get to call Jim/Daddy.