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We know that there’s a lot going on, emotions are abounding and thoughts are racing. It must be difficult to find those times of calm, so know that we are truly grateful for the time you’ve taken to consider us. If we are chosen as the adoptive parents of your child, your child will live a life where unconditional love is like air: all encompassing, never-ending, and given freely.

They will live in a sacred and protected home, surrounded by family and friends, filled with fun, laughter and joy, and guided to overcome life’s challenges with confidence, passion, empathy, and love. We promise you we are prepared and ready to make our life’s purpose the nurturing, protecting, and loving of your child! They will have our everything, we solemnly do swear this for always and forever.


• Your child will grow up in a safe, happy, and loving home, with family and friends always close by to provide that support, guidance, safety, and acceptance needed to grow up strong.

• Your child will have access to excellent education! We’ll encourage, along with traditional schooling, opportunities to learn a musical instrument, explore the visual arts, join team-based learning groups, and participate in education events, like field trips.

• Your child will be encouraged to participate in athletics in order to create those bonds of teamwork and teammates, to learn the qualities of focus and determination, and to experience the joys of success and their resiliency of strength during defeat.

• We will show, by example, the importance of empathy, compassion, laughter, morality, hard-work, civic duty, and fortitude.

• We’ll teach your child to love and respect themselves, to turn that love and respect outward to their family, friends, and community, and to be prepared to make good decisions in life.

• Your child will always be able to look back on their childhood as an amazing experience filled with memories of fun, joy, family, friends, safety, and appreciation!