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Meet David and Jennifer

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Regardless of what circumstances may have led you here, we want you to know one thing, first and foremost: we are grateful for the opportunity to become parents to a child we will love absolutely and to whom we will provide the best possible life we can.

We met each other online 13 years ago after we both prayerfully considered our own circumstances and how we longed to find someone to spend our life with. How fitting it is that, after coming to an understanding about how we might raise a child, we are again connecting on the internet, this time in the hopes of completing our family.

We travel when we're able, and we spend time with our families and friends. We love to spend time at home cooking, singing, playing, making music, and just being close to one another (even before COVID!). Our families and friends are very supportive of our adoption decision, and they've even helped us prepare before knowing when we'll bring a little one home. That is faith! We have a (nearly) fully stocked nursery ready to go for the big day.

We let our faith drive our decisions more than anything else, and we are so excited at the idea of welcoming a child into our home much the same way Christ invites us all into his family. Adoption is such a powerful act, and we are honored to be among those considered for becoming parents to the precious life within you. We are praying for you and this child throughout the journey.

David and Jennifer