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First and foremost, we are so grateful and humbled by your strength, bravery and boldness to choose life for your child. We are so grateful for your selfless sacrifice to give your baby a chance at fulfilling his/her purpose - you’re already top of our list of awesome people! While we may never know what situation you’re in right now or the number of questions or concerns you’re going through at this time, our hope is that whatever your choice is, that you’ll have peace knowing you always had the best interest of your child at the top of your list.

We are so grateful that you chose to take a look at our book. Our hope for you in reading this book and getting to know us better is that you’ll get to know our hearts and hopes for your child. Above all else, we will love your child as if they were our biological child. We will care for them, go to bat for them and give them all of the opportunities we would afford a biological child.

Please know that whatever decision you make - whether you choose to place your child for adoption or to parent - you are loved and respected and that we are praying for you and your baby.

Zack and Jillian