Meet Karen and Adam

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About Karen

About Karen (written by Adam):

Karen is the most loving and generous person in my life. One of Karen’s biggest strengths is helping others become better people, whether that be with her students, family, or mainly myself. Karen displays this every day as a teacher and in our personal life as a married couple. She loves to volunteer with the youth at our church and travels to Mexico and Guatemala to spend time at the orphanages where we sponsor three children. I firmly believe she gets this from such a great upbringing in her family. She is such a positive and energetic person who loves to include everyone whether it’s with playing games or getting our friends and families together. Karen loves children so much, and I cannot wait for the day that she gets to call herself a mom.

Fun Facts about Karen:

• High school Spanish teacher for 11 years. ¡Hola!

• Loves to travel and has lived in Spanish speaking countries.

• Reads all the time & has been in the same book club for 10 years.

• Ran two marathons.

• Has a huge extended family with over 70 first cousins.

• Enjoys cooking and baking yummy treats.