Meet Karen and Adam

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About Adam

About Adam (written by Karen):

Adam is the most caring and kindest person that I know. He goes out of his way to help people and to make others feel special. He is always trying to make people laugh and smile! Adam is a family guy and a loyal friend, and this is a quality that I really admire in him. He makes time for his family, and I know that he will be a wonderful dad because he has been around such wonderful examples. Adam has an amazing work ethic. He loves his job as a power-tool salesman and is always trying to get better at it. Adam also has a passion for all sports but especially for the Minnesota Gophers because he went to the U of MN. He loves to be outside camping and having bonfires. He is truly by best friend, and I am so fortunate to call him my husband and partner in life.

Fun Facts about Adam:

• Loves Minnesota Sports.

• Enjoys fishing, hiking, and golfing.

• Has a core group of friends that he’s known since childhood.

• Huge movie fan and is always quoting movie lines.

• Loves classic muscle cars and helped his dad fix up a ’68 Camaro.