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Welcome to a little peek into the life of our family! Thank you for educating yourself on your options in the midst of such a complicated place. It is terribly difficult to write words on a page and hope they reflect what an honor it is that you are taking the time to get to know us. We don’t know about your life, your story, your desires or your dreams. But we’re here, we know what it is to love, and to love a growing child completely and fully. Our first adoption has been a humbling experience and we are thankful for the opportunity of honoring our daughter’s birth mama’s place in her story and in our family. She is family, and we will be forever connected in our shared love of the child she brought into the world.

Luke and I are pursuing adoption again with the conviction that all life is valuable, with the desire to support an expectant parent’s choice to choose a home for her child, and with the assurance that it is love that makes a family, and not skin color or genetics. Our hearts are open as we have been praying for just the right expectant mama and baby, and are eager to meet both of them when the time comes.

We love living in an area with the expansive beauty of mountains, lakes and the coast all nearby for family adventures. Family is important to us, we value children and investing in their lives, and cannot wait to add another little one to the bunch!

Although we are still toward the beginning of our journey as parents, we are realizing that parenthood, adoption, and trans-racial adoption all require a humble spirit and a lifetime of learning and relearning. We are not perfect, but we are committed to each other and our family, and with the support of our community, hope to give a little one a life of unconditional love. Our desire is to be quick to listen, slow to anger, and to raise our children in light of Christ’s love for us.

Luke and I promise to honor and respect an expectant mama in her child’s story, and we look forward to loving on her and her little one. We appreciate you taking the time to get a glimpse of our life together. May you find peace as you make these important decisions.