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Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read about and consider my family. I don’t know your story, and although I don’t know you yet, I admire and respect your loving, selfless, courageous, and trusting nature that has led you to consider an adoption plan for your child.

I am hopeful in the possibility of meeting you and hearing your dreams for your child. My goal is that as you continue reading, you will see that my heart is full of love, and I would be honored and humbled, to share my love with your child.

I know that you are a strong woman, and pray you feel the freedom and support by those surrounding you to know that your choices are yours, and that you feel at peace with whatever decision you come to. I strive to give you space to ask questions and honor your decision. While you consider adoption, I hope that this profile gives you a glimpse into our home and family.