Meet Jennifer and Jeffrey

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Dear friend,

There are some things that can’t be described by words, instead they are shown by opening up one's heart and seeing the brilliance that follows.

Thank you so much for finding out more about us. Guess what?! We both already have something in common, we both want the best things in the world for your child. We cannot imagine how difficult this experience is for you, but we admire you already for your strength. We have built a loving home together full of laughter, creativity, compassion and support and we are excited to share that life with your child. We know that becoming parents is in our future and we hope that by fulfilling our dream to adopt that we will have a positive impact on your life as well. These next few pages will give you a glimpse into our lives and we hope that you are able to feel the love and happiness that would surround your child if you were to select us as the adoptive parents for your child. We would love to learn more about you and the hopes and dreams you have for your child. Thank you again for taking the time to consider us.


Jeff + Jen