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About Josh

(As told by Amy)

Josh and I met in college and were friends before we started dating. In a few months, we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, we have been blessed to have grown closer together with every passing year and we are so thankful that the Lord brought us together. While it took us longer to have children than we had planned, it meant we had many years together to grow as a couple. We went on many adventures big and small. From our Christmas trip to New York City (a lifelong dream for me) to a spur of the moment picnic/date to watch a huge meteor shower. Whatever we are doing, it is usually more fun if we are doing it together. Josh is my biggest encourager and is to everyone he cares about.

Josh is a caring, fun-loving, and wonderful husband & father. His family says they always knew he would be an attorney because from an early age he could argue (in a respectful way) with the adults and often win. He does estate planning law and loves that he gets to help families every day. I love watching him mix his passion for the law and his passion to be a blessing to others. He says his favorite thing about his job is when he talks to someone who is nervous and the look on their face when they realize everything is going to be okay.

He serves in several capacities at our church and we serve together leading the young families Sunday school class. In his spare time, Josh likes to build computers, fly drones, and spend time with our friends. He loves college football, following our college team as well as all the other top teams.

He is an amazing father to our 4-year-old son, taking time to play with him every day. They love to go on "treasure hunts", play basketball, or even just go for a ride through the car wash. Josh is intentional to spend time not just playing with him but including him, where he can, in whatever he is doing. When he laid mulch in the flower beds, Josh let him help, which took more time but it was fun for both of them.

Josh is a great friend, always thinking of others, and how he can serve those in his life well. While no one is perfect, I think he is pretty great.

- Amy