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Dear expectant mother,

Thank you for considering adoption and thank you for the love and sacrifice you have made for your baby. We have close family and friends that have been on both sides of the adoption process and know it can be stressful trying to make the right decisions for your child. We hope that you feel loved and supported in whatever decision you do make.

We are so excited for the opportunity to adopt. We are not able to have children of our own, but we both want a big family to love and care for. Our family and friends support us in our decision to build our family through adoption. We would love to have an open adoption if that is something you would want. We know it’s important for a child to know where they came from and the love and sacrifice that brought them here.

In our free time, we enjoy spending time outside and seeking out little adventures. We enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and horseback riding. We spend many Saturday mornings helping train and work our neighbor’s horses. This is one of the simple ways we have found to have fun and spend time together. Also, once a month, at least, we have family game nights, where our siblings and their kids all get together to play and have fun.

Leilani grew up in California in a family of nine kids. She is still very close to her family, and though they are all spread out, we get to visit and connect with them frequently. She grew up with a love of horseback riding, camping, fishing, and dance. She has been a nanny for the past nine years and can’t wait to be a mother for herself. She is so full of love for children and shows it in the way she takes care of her nanny kids.

Maverick grew up in Utah in a family of four kids. He also has a very close relationship with his family and finds time to visit them often. He loves to find time for the outdoors and playing local sports such as flag football, tennis, and softball. He is excited for the day he gets to be a dad and teach them how to work hard and develop their talents.

Religion is an important part of our family. We have a strong faith in Christ and desire to raise our children with that same faith. We attend church every week and know it is important for our future children. We’re confident that God is guiding our journey.

Thank you again for taking your time to read this. We’d love to hear from you and answer any additional questions that you might have.

Best of wishes,

Leilani and Maverick