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Meet Jessica and Max

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About Jessica

I am a coffee-drinking, introverted dog-lover. My sense of humor is based on sarcasm. The perfect weekend afternoon is spent mindlessly watching HGTV on my comfy couches. I care more about who I am with than what I am doing.

I have never been a big hobby person. As a kid, I tried just about every sport or activity and nothing stuck. I have found however, that I like making things for others (and myself) to enjoy. I am an amateur gardener (very amateur - I have no idea what I am doing honestly). I also really love to bake. Whenever there is a birthday in my family, I make the cake. It's nothing fancy, but I get joy from making something that others like. Baking is something that I have memories of doing with my mom growing up, and it is something I cannot wait to share with kids of my own.

I plan to take some time away from work when a baby joins our family. I am grateful to have this as an option, and thankful that Max is willing to work hard to support us.

A Note From Max

Jessie is smart, athletic, and makes me laugh. She is dedicated to her work and our marriage, and lives a life that makes her happy. Her perfect weekend includes drinking coffee on the couch, working out, going to church, getting take out, and watching Netflix.

She is very close with her family, who live about an hour away, and we're always taking trips to see them and to play with her nieces. And she's also very close to both of my sisters-in-law and will get together in the evenings to just talk. We're both very fortunate to have really close relationships with our families and have them so close by for support.

Her heart for other people always impresses me, listening and wanting to be there for everyone else in her life. When she is in the kitchen baking, it's always so that others can enjoy her creations. (She's the go-to for all our families' birthday cakes!)

Her heart for adoption has been a driving force in our adoption journey so far, and I can't wait to see the kind of mother she will be.