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Meet Jessica and Max

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About Max

I am an easy going, introverted engineer. I enjoy taking our dog Lexie for a 2 mile walk every day while listening to music or podcasts. I love to joke around and have a good time.

A few of my hobbies include working out, playing soccer, and going on long bike rides on the weekends.

I studied music in undergraduate and graduate school, and play tuba in the local orchestra. We give free concerts in public parks around town, and collaborate with other local music organizations to put on some really fun events. I definitely have a life-long passion for music that I'd like to pass on to our kids.

Though I went to school for music, I found my second passion and career in software engineering. I'm very logical and enjoy diving into complex problems. I believe that I've found the career where work hardly seems like work to me.

A Note From Jessica

Max is laid-back, silly, and sweet. He's a "go-with-the-flow" guy and always up for hanging out with friends, playing board games, or doing pretty much anything outside. He is annoyingly good at all sports, but not overly competitive. He likes for everyone around him to be having a good time.

He is a software engineer for a small tech company. He works with his brother, which is just one example of how close he is with his family. It has been incredibly sweet to watch him with our nieces and nephew. He is certainly the "Fun Uncle".

Max is the calming presence in our house. He stays level-headed when I get anxious and he problem-solves calmly. I know I am going to be grateful for how he balances us in this way when we are parenting.

He takes care of many things around the house and in our lives. Anything that needs fixing in the house, he makes sure it gets taken care of. He has taken the lead on managing finances and other boring adult necessities. Since the start of our marriage, he has very willingly shared the burden of household chores, and I know he will be a true partner in parenting. While in this adoption process, Max has listened to countless podcasts on parenting. I am grateful to get to co-parent with him.