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Thank you so very much for your consideration. We’re heartbroken that you’re in this position, but deeply grateful for your strength, generosity, selflessness, and conviction in making the decision to place your child.

The two of us have known since we started seriously dating that someday we wanted to have a family. We thought we’d have a relatively easy time conceiving, just like so many of our friends, but 20 months and one miscarriage later, it’s turned out not to be the case for us. Even though the biology just hasn’t worked out, we still very much want to raise children. Through adoption, we’ll be able to! Families don’t have to be dictated by blood and genes — love is enough, and we have that in endless supply!

We want to provide your baby with a safe and stable home, full of laughter, music, books, and family. We want to share our life of going on hikes in the woods, making up silly songs, taking vacations, cooking as a family, snuggling with our cats, making trips to the museum, reading aloud together, and finding the best spot for an ice cream cone. We want to raise kind, good, moral, and, most importantly, happy children. We have the resources and desire to provide for a baby, and for the adult he or she will grow into.

The gift you are making is one we don’t have the words to thank you for -- we admire your courage and boundless love throughout this process. We want you to know that we will always be open and honest with your child regarding adoption: He or she will know how much you love them and how your selflessness allowed us to complete our family.

Thank you again for considering us. We’re excited to make an adoption plan and shower a sweet baby with all the love we have to give! We can’t wait to meet our new kid!