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Meet Rachel and Josh

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We are so thankful you are taking the time to consider us to raise your precious little one. We hope that our photos and video have given you some insight into our day to day lives, but want you to know that our future baby will be the greatest joy to us. We can't imagine the immense thought that has went into this decision for you, but we know that your selfless love will give this child a future of happiness and constant love. Not only are we excited to have a little one to love, we have a whole host of family and friends who cannot wait to welcome them with open arms.

We have been married about three and a half years and have known since before we got married that we wanted to have a child together. Josh has two sons from a previous marriage who are 17 and 19, but he is excited to experience raising a child with Rachel. Adoption has been something we have talked about since the very beginning. We really felt like our hearts always pulled us towards adoption but we did decide to try to conceive naturally. After a couple years of trying, we received test results that showed how slim our chances would be. We decided that it was time we follow our hearts and pursue growing our family through adoption. We can't wait to be able to raise a child together and welcome them into our lives!

We are planning on talking to our child about his or her adoption from a very young age, and we want them to know that the adoption was wonderful because it is the way our family came together. We want them to know about their birth mother and family because that family is an important part of who they are, and it always will be. We want the best for this child, and would love to be able to send you photos and letters along the way so you know your child is happy and cared for. We would also be happy to keep in contact through texts, emails and phone calls, to let you know how they are doing. We will always be honest with our child about how their birth mother loves them so much they allowed us to be their parents. We know at a certain age they will likely want to reach out to you and ask questions and once they are to the age where we believe they can make that decision we would of course allow that. We always want to do what is in our child's best interest.

Our life together will be everything you could hope for your child. We will give them unconditional love, the ability to choose their own path and the support to achieve their dreams. We will be the type of parents that teach them all the sports and academics they want and allow them to choose which direction they want to go. We live in southern Missouri where we own a farm which gives us plenty of land to be able to explore and share with our child. We believe living on our farm will help to teach this child responsibility and work ethic as well as being able to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. We can't wait to go to school events, games, or whatever they choose to be a part of. We also love to travel and can't wait to share that passion with our new addition!

We hope that you consider us to be a part of your future.