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Dear Expectant Mother,

Our promise to you is that we will love and cherish the beautiful life that you have carried and

nourished. We will devote our lives to surrounding your child with a joyful, secure, and

encouraging atmosphere. As parents, we will teach your child to be independent, self-assured,

and motivated to be his/her best self. Our wish is for your child to learn teamwork through

sports, to explore interests of his/her own, to crave adventure, and to love learning new things.

We will raise this amazing child to have a deep appreciation for you and the loving decision you

have made. You will be spoken about with honor and respect and will be celebrated in our

family. We would love to have you remain involved in our lives if you desire it as well. We

promise to always communicate openly and honestly. We have dreamed of being parents for so

long and cannot come close to expressing our sincere gratitude to you. Our promise to you is that

no matter what, we will always love, support, listen to, and encourage your child with every

fiber of our being sand our hearts.

Thank you for considering us in becoming parents for your child. We hope we will get the

opportunity to get to know you and wish you the absolute best in this journey. Ultimately, we

genuinely believe your decision will be the right one for you and your baby.

With love,

Sam and Kevin