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Dear Expectant Parents,

Thank you so much for considering an adoption plan for your child. We can’t even imagine how many emotions are involved in such a decision, and we admire and respect your choice to find a safe, loving home for your child. We think you are brave and courageous, and we hope that you come to a decision that puts your heart at ease.

Our names are Scott and Amanda. We have been married for almost four years. Scott is an accountant for a construction company, and Amanda cares for children in her spare time and is a homemaker.

We live in a small town near an urban area with our two small, senior dogs, Haylie and Ruby. They are so excited for a little brother or sister!

We are close to a lot of really great parks, libraries, zoos, museums, etc. for children. Both of us were raised in very loving Christian homes and hope to pass on our morals and values to our child while sharing our amazing families’ love.

We have a very fun home and spend a lot of our time with our friends and family. (Amanda has one sister, and Scott has two brothers - all but one have spouses.) Scott loves to golf and work on home improvement projects. Amanda loves to read and make beautiful things for our home. We both love to travel, and it’s an important part of our life that we look forward to passing on.

Both of us love children and enjoy spending time with them, and we love how adoption will give us an opportunity to care and provide for a child who needs a loving home.

Day In The Life

During the day, Scott works, but he is free in the evening. Amanda’s schedule varies based on whether she chooses to babysit, spend time with her family or friends, or run errands around town. She is home most of the time and will be a stay-at-home mom. Weeknights and weekends are when we spend quality family time. Monday evenings we go to Amanda’s parents’ home for “Family Dinner Night,” and the other evenings are filled with time Scott and Amanda spend together (with the dogs!) We usually try to put fun outings into our weekends. Some examples of how our weekends are spent are attending special events at the Art Museum, building projects with family members, attending weddings or parties, going to bonfires at our in-law’s house, etc. Scott likes to golf on summer weekends, and in the winter, we love to stay inside and get cozy watching a movie, playing a game, or visiting friends and family.

We would love to raise your precious baby. We have a beautiful nursery that we are excited to decorate. We plan to socialize at library baby-times and go to local zoos and museums. We will spend a lot of time with our friends and families, especially those who have children. We will be very hands-on parents and will always be involved in whatever our child does. We plan to show this child all that the world has to offer by traveling. We plan to use private school where he or she can really thrive. We believe children are a gift and will treasure this baby and put him/her first each and every day.


If you are comfortable with an open adoption, we would love to share that with you. If you’re not comfortable and prefer a closed adoption, we will honor that decision as well. We hope you can always have what you feel comfortable with, and we will offer any support we can give you during the adoption and post-placement process.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts for even considering us to parent your child. We will give him or her everything we have and unwavering, unconditional love throughout his or her lifetime. Your selfless gift brings us so much hope, and we thank you for that.

Love, Scott & Amanda