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Dearest Expectant Mother,

Thank you!

We have yet to meet, but we admire your courage as you move forward toward the birth of your child. Though we have great admiration for your willingness to allow a family to adopt, we know we do not fully understand the difficulty it is to do so. We appreciate that you'll take the time to get to know us and other families to find the best place for your child.

Please know that if you decide to place your child with us she or he will be surrounded by love, peace and laughter. This is who we are. We believe in kindness, and doing our best to be a positive force in a complicated world. With us, your child will be centered with an unwavering sense of family. For us, this is everything. She or he will always be loved and have a strong sense of belonging. Our happiness will surround your child everyday. We love life and will share this passion for living.

Education is very important to us. We are educators. We believe education comes in many forms. Your child's passion and interest will be support 1000%. We have spent our lives being very curious about pretty much everything we encounter. We will share this curiosity of the world.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. And, we truly hope that both you and your child live happy and joyous lives.

Matt & Tess