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About TJ

TJ is a Vice President for a technology company, and really loves his work. He enjoys managing a team and helping develop them as professionals, while inventing new technology products and solutions. His work is very flexible so he will be able to spend lots of time with our new baby once they come home.

TJ's family lives about an hour away from us and we see them every couple weeks. His mom is so excited to come and stay with us for a while once the baby comes home, and his sister and her husband and children are also looking forward to expanding the family. We are a very close-knit bunch and family get togethers and quality time are very important to us. Every year we take at least one vacation as a family, a lot of the time it is to Florida to enjoy Disney World and Universal Studios.

TJ is a registered member of the Cherokee Nation, and is proud of is Native American heritage.

TJ loves learning and building things, and science, and can't wait to have a little one to teach things to and learn new things together.

A Note From Lea the most incredible person I have ever met. He truly is the whole package, the perfect mix of professional and goofy. He is constantly making me laugh with his “dad jokes”, witty personality, and amazing dance moves. He is extremely supportive, and would do anything in his power to help the people he loves achieve their dreams. He loves his Christian faith and is a rock for our family through the good times and the more difficult times. He is the coolest geek around, and I love watching Star Wars with him and hearing about his latest science project. I have watched him be an awesome father to India and Aiden over the last eight years, and I know he is going to be the best dad to our new baby, too.