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Dear Expecting Mother/Parents,

We firmly believe that God has a plan for each one of us, including you and your baby. We don't know your specific circumstances or situation but we understand that a difficult decision lies ahead of you. Please know that you are not alone and that we are praying for you; for each and every one of you that reads this book. We are praying that God will guide you to the adoptive family that is best for both you and your baby. We are praying that you would be surrounded by love and support throughout this journey and we are praying that we would have the privilege of being a part of that.

We want you to know that we have not entered into this adoption lightly. Nearly five years ago, before we were even married, we both made the decision that we wanted to adopt at least one child into our family one day. We intended to have biological children as well but have struggled with infertility. Through lots of prayer, we came to the conclusion that God's plan is to grow our family through adoption right now. We believe that adoption is a beautiful picture of Christ's unconditional love for us and an opportunity for us to share that love with another.

"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

We want you to know that we respect and admire your selflessness. We believe that adoption begins with the love that you have for your baby. We know you love him or her because you would not have chosen adoption otherwise.

We want you to know that our hearts are already overflowing with love for the child that God is going to bring into our lives. We want you to know that we are forever grateful to you.

We have shared our life and our hearts with you throughout the next few pages and we hope that they help you get to know us a little better...