[Music]hii’m courtney i’m here to talk to youtoday about the new zoom360 ultralight jogging stroller from[Music]juvie[Music]women’s running magazine recently pickedthe zoom 360 ultralight as one of itstop three joggersagainst a field that was much moreexpensive

previous model and it folds almost inhalfmy friends are blown away at how compactit is when i put it in the trunk of mycarthe large air filled tires andsuspension make it great for almost anyterraini can adjust the front wheel to swivelfor fantastic maneuverabilityor i can lock it straight for maximumstability on trails and for faster runs[Music]

ultralight has a high seat and gives myson a great viewi can recline the seat fully when he’sready for a nap and i love the giantcanopy on this strolleryou won’t need many accessories it comeswith a tire pumpand a great parent organizer with azippered pocket that holds your phone orkeysand two drinksthere’s also a lot of storage on thezoom 360 ultralight

the mesh pockets alongside the seat areperfectly positionedso my son can take his sippy cup or aspecial toyif your child is under 6 months oldjuvie makesclick in car seat adapters that allowsyou to click your carrier directly intothe seat[Music]check gv.com for compatible models theseare sold separatelyat joovy we love the outdoors and we

active example for our kids thanks forjoining me todaygotta run[Music]baby jogger city mini gt2 uncompromisedagility on any terraincity mini gt2 is complete with foreverair rubber tires and all-wheelsuspensionso you decide how far you want to go offthe beaten paththe signature one hand compact foldprovides ultimate convenience

handbrake present unmatched comfort andcontrolstroll from day one with the new crowdor make it a travel system with theincluded city go infant car seatadaptersthe adjustable cast supportand near flat seat recline keep yourbaby comfortablewhile the uv50 canopy with magneticpeekaboo windows provides full coverageand line of sight to your child buildthe perfect stroller for you and your

baby jogger city mini gt2 pave your ownway[Music]to attach the stroller seat squeeze therelease handle on the back of the infantcarrierand lift up on the carrying handle toremove the key fitinfant seat to release the key fitattachment adapterpress the buttons located at the sidesand lift out the adapterposition the stroller seat in the frame

tabs with the openings on the seat panslide the tabs into the openings thenpress down on the back edge of the seatbracketuntil it clicks into place making sureboth sides lock into the stroller framelift up the footrest fabric on the frontof the stroller to locate two sets ofstrapsreach under the seat pan and connectboth buckles on the strapsnext locate the fabric clip on the sideof the back fabric panel

stroller frameinsert the tab into the bottom slot thenrotate toward the handlebarand click it into place make sure it issecurethen repeat for the other sidelift the center fabric tab and insert itinto the groove on the parent trayreattach the canopy clips being sure toalign the side pininto the positioning hole then reattachthe canopyusing the zipper



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