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Welcome to My Baby’s Family - Adoption Help, Support And Resources For Expecting Mothers And Challenging Pregnancies

Welcome to My Baby’s Family! We are proud to provide adoption help to those who are experiencing challenging pregnancies. Expecting moms, we know that this can be a scary time for you! There are so many decisions to make, so many options. You might be struggling to identify what feels right for your situation. Or you might be getting pressure to have an abortion. You might be facing an unknown financial situation, or unsure how a baby would impact your life. Whatever the decision facing you, we want you to know that you are not alone! Be sure to check out our community resources, including a 24/7 Option Line, links to adoptive services, and adoptive family profiles for you to explore.

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We also know that adoptive parents are going through tremendously stressful and sometimes confusing circumstances too. Adoptive families might be questioning what the process looks like for adoption, or they might be curious about the challenges that other adoptive families have faced. That’s why we’re focused on being a community for adoptive families to find connections to other expecting mothers and to other adoptive parents and families. You may notice that we have thousands of profile pages to check out. Each one has a unique adoption story and a unique challenge. Our families come from all demographics, and we do not discriminate against anyone who feels like they’ve got love to give to a baby. Through these stories it is our hope that you find encouragement and support.

At My Baby’s Family, our goal is to be THE destination site for expectant parents with challenging pregnancies. We hope you find yourself coming back, again and again, to check out the community of families who are seeking to adopt. We want you to feel welcome here and we aim to provide non-judgmental support during this challenging time. Don’t give up hope, there are so many promising possibilities and promising stories for you to discover here. We want to help you choose what is best for you and for your baby.

My Baby’s Family Supports Expectant Mothers, Adoptive Parents and Challenging Pregnancies.

As an adoption support community, My Baby’s Family helps expectant mothers to find connection to others who are facing the same difficult decisions. We also want you to have access to professionals who can provide ongoing pregnancy support and help. One great resource is our 24/7 OptionLine. Here you’ll receive unbiased information about all the decisions you are facing. Remember, you don’t need to face these decisions alone. Every situation is unique and we know that things might not be going as planned, and we also know that this probably isn’t what you planned at all!. Even if the baby’s father, or your family is unsupportive, there are so many who would love to help you to explore all of your options, including parenting.

If you are thinking about placing your baby for adoption we encourage you to view our Adoptive Families . We have thousands of profiles from every walk of life who are hoping to start a family. Check out their stories. See why they want a baby. Learn more about what’s important to them. Here you can also spend time learning more about the promising possibilities of an adoption plan for your baby. There is never any pressure to do so. Choose your next step below:


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