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Advice-Packed Resources for Navigating All Stages of Parenthood

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Advice-Packed Resources for Navigating All Stages of Parenthood


Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent or are already in the middle of parenthood, chances are you have fears and/or challenges you are facing that you feel unprepared for. This is normal. At some point, every parent feels unprepared—even inadequate. However, the fact that you’re reading this suggests that you care enough to learn what you can so that you can navigate the challenges of parenthood and be the very best parent you can be. And that’s a good sign that you’re up for the task.


If you’re looking to get better prepared for the challenges and joys of raising a child, My Baby’s Family offers some advice-packed resources to consider.


Disciplining Your Child Effectively

Discipline is one of the biggest challenges to parents. It requires you to be consistent while also being flexible through the different stages of your child’s development. And it also requires you to always discipline from a place of love. The following resources can help you establish solid disciplinary protocols for your child, so when those moments arise, you’re prepared to provide effective and appropriate responses to your youngster.


The 20 Commandments of Toddler Discipline

Discipline Tips for School-age Children

Dealing With Tweenage Attitude


Helping Your Child Learn

Children are hard-wired for learning, but figuring out how to unlock their potential can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are plenty of practical ways to support your child’s efforts to learn. When it comes to choosing the right approach and turning the right keys, these resources can help.


Experts Explain How to Support Kids Through the Stages of Child Development

10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

Take Science to New Levels with Activities Like Storm Spotting or Bird Watching


Keeping Your Child Healthy

A child’s well-being and capabilities begin with their physical and mental condition; nothing is more important than your child’s health. For wellness throughout life, it’s best to start instilling good habits as early as possible. To that end, explore the following.


Nutrition Tips for Kids

5 Ways to Help Your Child Be More Physically Active


Keeping Yourself Healthy and Engaged

You’ve probably heard before that your kids will look to you for how to act. Not only that, the better you take care of your own health and well-being, the better you will be able to parent. Being a proper role model is a tall order, but it’s entirely doable with the right information.


5 Ways to Eat Healthy When You’re Super Busy

How Parents Can Find Exercise Time

How to Find Work-Life Balance


Parenting is hard enough for even the most seasoned veterans. So know that you’re not alone if you feel a little unprepared for your current circumstances or for what lies ahead. Aim to discipline your child effectively, to help them in their learning and development, and to keep both your child and yourself healthy. If you gain these skills, you’ll be well on your way to being the top-notch parent your child deserves.



Alibaby Baby Girl Stroller

Alibaby Baby girl Stroller

It appears Alibaby has gone out of business, this is their last post on Facebook Oct 2020, Alibaby was in business for over 75 years, there are new company’s taking over from Alibaby, BuyBuyBaby is one, we are affiliated with BuyBuyBaby.  Thousands of products that Alibaby did carry are now available here.

Buy Buy Alibaby…….



As you know there is a wide variety of baby strollers available to choose from. Your choice of strollers will be affected by how many children you plan to use it for, how you are going to use the stroller and where, and finally your budget. All things aside your baby’s comfort and safety will also influence your choice. Let’s take a look at some of the types of strollers available to you.

The standard stroller will fit one child and there are many different features on standard strollers such as play trays, parent trays, fabrics, and handlebars. On many strollers handlebars are now height adjustable which is great back saver.

Double strollers have two seats. There is a variety of seating arrangements for double strollers. The traditional double seat is one behind the other – tandem style. Tandem seating has the first child with a good view and he one in the rear seat sees the back of the other’s head. A variant of the tandem seating is stadium seating. Think of bleachers where each seat is raised slightly above the one in front of it allowing those in the rear to see what’s going on. There is side by side seating as well as face to face seating.

Jogging strollers are very popular because they enable you to bring your child along on a run. The jogging stroller has a triangular wheel base with two large wheels in the rear and one wheel in the front. They have many attractive features. An added safety feature is a wrist strap on the handle bar. This is worn so that when you stop, the stroller doesn’t roll away from you. As always whenever you stop your stroller the break should always be applied. The wrist strap is added protection. Jogging strollers are available for multiple seating as well.

Triple strollers are terrific for triplets or three children. Seating arrangements can be side by side but most have tandem seating or stadium seating. When the stroller is full of kids and you are pushing it will help you achieve your goals of fitness.

Convertible multiple strollers are available where they can be made into double seater’s with additional seats and a transverse bar. You might want to check if this option is available for the particular stroller you are considering.

Umbrella strollers are very inexpensive. They are generally easier to fold and unfold. They are very lightweight and store easily in a car trunk. They are terrific for short trips to the Mall or short walks. They do not work well on all terrain. They do come in multiple seating as well. The only drawback I had with umbrella strollers is that if anything was hung on the handle it caused the carriage to tip backwards.

Light weight strollers are slightly heavier than the umbrella strollers and slightly less than the standard stroller. They typically fold in a single hand motion. They also resemble the standard type stroller. They also come in multiple seating.

Carriage Strollers are convertible strollers in that you can change them from a carriage (a bed on wheels) to a stroller. This is great for infants that are unable to sit up yet. The handle is reversible so you can turn it into a stroller which is great for children who are sitting up.

Bike strollers or trailers are installed by attaching it to the rear wheel. There are two seated models available. They can be converted from a trailer to a stroller with no tools. The restraint system is a five-point harness for each child.

10 Target Strollers for 2022

10 Target Strollers for 2022


Finding the Best Target Baby Jogging Stroller

A baby jogging stroller is really great, especially for parents who were active before they had baby and who want to be able to keep their healthy active lifestyle. The baby jogging stroller allows you to be able to go for your regular jogs with baby in tow, but it also ensures that your child is safe, secure and comfortable.

Your Baby Jogging Target Stroller Options

There are a few baby jogging stroller options in particular that are worth checking out, and one in particular is the 2022 BOB Ironman single baby jogging stroller, which is considered as being the epitome of running specific strollers, and also as a truly perfect addition to the Ironman brand lifestyle linked products in general.This stroller is really great for the parent who is serious about his or her running, and some of the offered features are: adjustable tracking and padded shoulder straps, slick tires for added running speed and efficiency, bright and beautiful yellow colored exterior, 3 inches of plush suspension for on road comfort and performance, lightweight aluminum metal frame, quick and easy folding mechanism, large sun shade to protect child from the heat and brightness of the sun, parking brake and safety wrist strap, and a padded reclining seat.

Another of the best baby jogging stroller options is the 2022 Dreamer Design Manhattan Deluxe jogging stroller, which comes equipped with literally everything that you need for strolling, shopping, or even just brisk-walking with your little one. It has an incredibly safe and sturdy welded aluminum frame, as well as a 12 inch alloy front, lockable swivel wheel, 16 inch alloy rear wheels, and a breathable padded seat area for your child’s comfort.

It also comes with an all-purpose cover that you can use to protect your child from the elements, and there are several storage pockets on the stroller for both parent and child to store their goods. A roomy storage basket beneath the seat is ready to hold the day’s essentials as well, and so you definitely have lots of room for everything that you and your child are going to need for the day.

Some of the other features that this particular stroller offers include: rear footbrake, convenient one-step folding, breathable and padded seat area, 5-point safety harness, 2 water bottle holders, safety wrist strap and key leash, large view port canopy windows, canopy side ventilation system, and push-button wheel release.

It is quite easy to see the number of different jogging stroller options that you have to choose from, each which offers its own features and qualities, but each which is still fantastic and worthy in its own regards.

Finding the Best Target Combi Double Stroller

If you have twins, or even if you just have more than one child, than the combi double stroller option is definitely one that you are going to want to take into consideration, if you haven’t already. A combi double stroller is basically just a stroller that has two seats in it, sort of like two strollers put together only smaller and more easy to maneuver.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a combi double stroller for yourself, and with all the different brands, colors, styles, sizes and designs out there, you are sure to have a lot of fun while you are out shopping for your little ones.

Your Best Target Combi Double Stroller Options

One of the best combi double stroller options you have is the Combi Twin Savvy EX stroller. It is one which is incredibly lightweight and portable, and which is also compatible with the Combi Connection infant car seat. This stroller offers a convenient carrying strap that makes it easy to transport, and as well, to make it easier on parents there is a stroller pack that is included which has two separate bottle pockets and a zippered storage pouch.

The seat cushions are removable, so there is not much hassle needed when you go to clean them, and this is important because you are definitely not going to have much spare time on your hands. The stroller folds compactly with the tri fold and are self standing when folded, and as well this side by side stroller features extra large canopies with extendable visors in order to better protect your babies from the elements of the outdoors.

Another great option is the Counterpart Tandem stroller, which features front center swivel wheels for easy maneuvering, and a convenient flat fold allowing it to be self standing when it is folded up. The large adjustable canopy that is included with it features extended visors on the back of the front canopy in order to provide additional shade, and the Combi Counterpart, which is compatible with this stroller, is opened effortlessly with just a single hand.

Furthermore, the rear seating position is able to fully recline in order to accommodate even the youngest infant, and the stroller even has removable snack trays for the children and for the parents, it offers a cup holder on the front handle for their convenience.

It is quite easy to see that there are some wonderful options out there, and it just takes a bit of your time and effort in order for you to be able to find that particular stroller that is going to suit you and your needs the best.


The Fisher Price All Terrain Stroller at Target

Most of us have heard of the Fisher Price name before, and as parents you surely trust in them as being a longstanding, affordable and safe company to buy from for your children. However, surprisingly enough not many people know that they also offer strollers. This is true, and in fact they have quite a selection of strollers for you to choose from.

There is one stroller in particular which they offer however, the Fisher Price All Terrain Stroller, which is definitely one that you will want to check out, especially if you and baby tend to take long walks over rough terrain, because you will need a stroller that is sturdy, heavyweight and yet maneuverable all at the same time.

The Features of the Fisher Price All Terrain Stroller

The Fisher Price All Terrain stroller is truly an incredible stroller, and one of its best features is the fact that it fits two children but they are facing each other, so that they can communicate while you are strolling with them. This is really great, because this gives the children something to do and thus keep them entertained. This means that as a result you will be able to take much longer trips, and so it is definitely a great feature.

Another feature is the canopy that is removable, so you can take it off when you want the children to have a view and be out in the open, but then you can attach it back on when it is too sunny, raining, or you otherwise have to protect the children from the elements of the outdoors.

Some of the other features that are offered with the Fisher Price All Terrain stroller include: 3-point safety harnesses, folds flat to fit easily in your car truck or other storage area, extra-long handle for taller parents, two rear storage pockets for small toys or diapers, large rubber-like plastic wheels for a smoother ride, and not only do you get all of this, but at an incredibly affordable price at that.

It is definitely one of the best strollers of its kind, and so whether you are expecting twins, already have twins, or simply have two younger children, then you are definitely going to need a double stroller and this option in particular is one that you should take into consideration. After all it offers all of the qualities that you should be looking for in any stroller: high quality, durability, style, and affordability.


Finding the Best Lightweight Stroller for you at Target

Having a lightweight stroller is extremely important, because you are going to need to be able to push and pull the stroller around, and consider how difficult it would be for you to get around tight corners if you did not have a lightweight stroller. Especially if you are a single mom, you are going to want to make sure that you get an extremely convenient and easily maneuverable stroller.

Choosing a Lightweight Stroller from Target

There are definitely a number of options when it comes to strollers that are lightweight, one in particular being the Chicco Caddy Umbrella stroller, which is an incredibly lightweight stroller built with an aluminum frame, which is extremely important because even then it is very lightweight it is also very sturdy so your child’s safety will not be at risk.

As well, it offers a 5-point safety harness system with shoulder pads, an adjustable canopy with zippered storage pockets, a carry bag with a carrying strap for easy mobility, and an easy and convenient compact fold, so if you are by yourself you are still able to quickly and easily fold up the stroller when you need to.

Another great lightweight stroller option is the Britax Esprit, which is an ultra lightweight aluminum framed stroller that features a removable washable seat pad for easy maintenance, a removable adjustable hood and large basket for your and baby’s storage needs, ergonomic foam grips and parent bottle holder, easy adjust 5-point harness and fully adjustable reclining seat, all wheel suspension, and adjustable and padded leg rest so that the child can be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Yet another fantastic and worthwhile stroller option is the Joovy Groove lightweight stroller with swivel wheels, which is one that truly sets the standard for all other strollers like it. It includes all of the fantastic features that you would expect from a high end stroller, and this includes: a lightweight aluminum frame, reclining seat for the child, oversized canopy with an extending sun visor, drink holders and zippered storage space.

When it comes to lightweight strollers, one thing that you definitely have plenty of is choice, and so you want to take your time and browse through the different options so that you can decide on the one that is best for you and your particular and personal needs. Remember that all of the time and effort that you put in beforehand will be more than worth it when you find that perfect stroller.


Finding a Side by Side Double Stroller at Target

A side by side double stroller can be very convenient if you have two younger children that you need to get around, and there are many varieties on this type of stroller that you can choose from, which is great because every parent has different preferences and a different idea of what they are looking for, and so you are really able to find the perfect side by side double stroller for you and your children.

The Combi Twin Sport 2 Side by Side Double Stroller from Target

This particular double stroller offers a number of different features that are advantageous for you, including: lightweight and portable design, compatible with the Combi Center infant seat, carrying strap which makes it easy to transport, a back pocket on both the canopies for added storage room, and removable and easily washable cushions.

There are also two large baskets for storage, front swivel wheels for easier maneuvering, 5-point harness with comfort pads,removable wheels, independent wheel suspension system for a smooth and restful ride, infant boot in both seats, and each seat holds up to 45 pounds, so you can use the side by side double stroller even when your children get older.

The Duo-SS Double Side by Side Stroller by Foundations

This side by side double stroller from Target is another of your best options, and it features a side by side design that allows the children to interact while riding. It offers an incredibly easy to clean heavy duty fabric as well as extra large storage baskets, and it folds up easily and compactly for easy storage and transport.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller

Yet another fantastic option, this stroller is in fact known as being one of the narrowest side by side double baby strollers available on the market today, and with dual up front swivel wheels, it offers great stability and allows you to make those tight corners that are hard to make with other, wider double strollers.

Each seat of this stroller reclines individually, down to a mere 15 degrees off horizontal, so that both of your passengers are able to relax in their own fashion and be super comfortable, and yet completely safe and secure at the same time.

From this, it is incredibly easy to see just how great your options are in terms of double strollers, and so you can really rest assured at least in knowing this, so that you can be comfortable and not worried when you go out to buy your own double stroller.


10 Best Costco Baby Strollers

Your 10 Costco Baby Stroller Options

Costco is a well-known name across the world, and for very good reason. It is a wholesale corporation which operates an entire international chain of membership warehouses, carrying quality, brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices that you would typically find at other, conventional wholesale or retail sources.

As well, their warehouses overall, present one of the largest and most exclusive product category selections and this is not only in terms of North America in particular, but the world, which is obviously quite a feat. Their available offerings include categories such as: groceries, candy, appliances, television and media, automotive supplies, tires, toys, hardware, sporting goods, jewelry, watches, cameras, books, housewares, apparel, tobacco, furniture, office supplies, office equipment, and much more.

Costco Baby Stroller Options

Costco even offers baby strollers, and there are a few of the Costco baby stroller options in particular which are worth learning more about. The first is the Spirit Travel System Costco baby stroller option, which includes a stroller, a car seat and a non-adjustable base. It offers a number of different convenience features as well, such as a multiple-recline position seat, parent and child assist trays and a large storage basket.

Some other special features that it offers includes: one-hand center fold that allows the parent to be able to collapse the stroller easy, infinite-position reclining seat which allows baby to sit up or recline, a 3-point restraint harness system, a patented front snack tray with a cup holder, self locking feature which keeps the stroller locked for safety purposes, front comfort ride shocks, and a basket that you can use for storing blankets and other items of baby’s.

Another of the best Costco baby stroller options that you have is the Costco Turnabout Tandem double stroller, which is great if you have more than one child. This Costco baby stroller also offers a number of great features, including: reversible front seat for two-way seating option, convenient one-hand fold, two-position front reclining seat, three-position rear reclining seat including a full recline for newborns, a removable front snack tray that even offers a juice box holder, and an oversized storage basket so that you can bring along everything that you need for you and the children for the day.

It is easy to see that you have plenty of choice when it comes to Costco strollers, and so if you are expecting a baby soon or even if you already have some, then you are definitely going to want to consider going with the Costco Company next time you need a stroller.

We have all heard of the Costco company name before, but it is quite surprising to find out actually just how few people know that they offer strollers. They offer quite a few different strollers in fact, strollers which are high quality, durable and incredibly affordable. So, if you are expecting a little one or already have one or more children at home, then you are definitely going to want to learn about the options that you have when it comes to Costco strollers.

The Various Costco Stroller Options

One of the best Costco stroller options is the Costco double stroller, which is perfect if you have more than one child, and it collapses easily, has incredibly large sun canopies so that both the children riding in it can have great views while they are moving, both seats recline with the back one reclining all the way back to a laying down position so it can be used for newborns, and they can even be turned to face each other so that the children are facing another while you are strolling them.

A second best Costco stroller option is the Costco umbrella stroller, which is a much smaller and more versatile and easy to manage stroller. This is a great option if you are just taking a quick walk to the store or around the block, and it offers an incredibly lightweight frame with a compact fold, and front swivel wheels for better maneuverability.

There is also a smooth-ride front, 2 easily accessible rear foot brakes, foam-grip handles for better comfort for you, a mesh parent organizer so you can store everything in there that you are going to need for you and baby for the day, and a rounded canopy with a child-view window so that your little one can have a view of all the wonderful sights while you are strolling with them.

Yet another fabulous Costco stroller option is a simple upgrade on the previously mentioned umbrella stroller, as this one is the double umbrella stroller. This means that al of the fabulous features that are offered with the single umbrella stroller still remain, only there are two seats so you can fit both your children in the stroller and walk them at the same time.

Costco is definitely a great company in terms of all products, and the same goes for the various different stroller options that they have to offer.


When it comes to finding the best infant stroller for your newborn, the multitude of options that are available these days can be really overwhelming. However, there are definitely those few infant stroller options in particular which can easily be considered as being more worthwhile than the others, and so it is obviously these that you are going to want to make your decision be between.

Your Best Infant Stroller Options

One of the best options that you have when it comes to an infant stroller is the Costco stroller, which features a sturdy, aeronautical-quality aluminum frame, a five point harness for maximum safety, and which was specifically designed and created to be light, stylish and durable.

This stroller also boasts foot-operated parking brakes, a carry handle for easy portability, ergonomically foam insulated handles and lockable front swivel wheels. Other fabulous features that this stroller offers includes: one-hand compact umbrella fold, foot-operated parking brakes, carry handle, a handy mesh shopping basket, four position reclining seat, adjustable leg rest, height adjustable shoulder harness, and a rain cover.

Another great infant stroller option is the Costco stroller, which is incredibly lightweight and yet at the same time packed to the brim with wonderful and convenient features, and it is actually considered as being the modern workhorse of strollers. It features a five point harness, one hand fold up and multiple-seat positioning, and it is truly unlike any other stroller that you have ever seen before.

Yet another great option, again by Costco, is the Volo stroller, which considered as being superbly compact for life on the go, which is exactly what you live with a newborn, and it is safe and sturdy enough to hold not only baby but all of baby’s stuff and as well all of your various other needs for the day. It offers a removable and washable seat, making it extremely easy to clean and keep harmful bacteria away from your little on.

Some of the other advantages it offers are: a sturdy and aeronautical-quality aluminum frame, a 5-point safety harness for maximum security, a one-hand compact umbrella fold, a carry handle for easy portability, ergonomically optimized foam insulated handles for more comfort, a handy mesh shopping basket, a breathable mesh set and a rain cover so that you can keep baby dry if it happens to start raining while you are out one day.

At least you can rest assured in knowing that you have plenty of great options when it comes to strollers for your baby, and by taking a bit of time and putting a bit of effort into the process overall, you will be able to find the perfect stroller for your baby and you.

These Are the Top 5 Budget-Friendly Apps for New Parents

These Are the Top 5 Budget-Friendly Apps for New Parents

Photo via Pixabay

New parents have plenty to worry about—but keeping track of everything baby related doesn’t have to be a concern. With the right smartphone apps, you can do everything from document your baby’s growth to connect with other parents—without spending a fortune. Here’s how!

First: Upgrade Your Device

These helpful apps won’t do you any good if your device is outdated. But you can save time and cash by shopping online for deals on the tech you want. Before paying full price for your next smartphone or tablet, check for online deals with special coupons, discount codes, and cash-back offers.

Second: Get the Right Plan

As a new parent, you’re going to rely on your smartphone more than you ever thought possible. From on-the-go entertainment to staying connected to tracking every detail of your baby’s development, it’s a vital tool.

But you’ll also need a data plan that won’t cost you overages when Wi-Fi isn’t available. A prepaid phone service might be the perfect solution—there are no overages involved, yet plenty of data for every upload and streaming entertainment session.

Third: Get These Apps

From documenting your baby’s every milestone and smile to soothing them to sleep or getting parenting advice, these are the apps you need:

Glow Baby

Glow Baby lets you track your child’s development and growth (including multiples) and delivers informational articles on every parenting topic imaginable. There’s a community section to help parents connect, too. Plus, as AppAdvice explains, Glow Baby supports Siri commands on your Apple device—so you can communicate and track information hands-free.

The Wonder Weeks

You can track your infant’s unique development and create personalized schedules with The Wonder Weeks app. From tracking milestones to learning about the ‘magical’ world of development leaps, the app guides you through your child’s phases and growth. Extra options in the app include an HD baby monitor function, audiobook format, a white noise feature, and diary content.

Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation

Don’t let the long name fool you: This app is simpler and more usable than you might imagine. The Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation app (available on Google Play) shows high-contrast pictures with movement, shapes, and a continuous play function to keep your baby entertained. As Ask Dr. Sears explains, large contrasts are ideal for newborns to look at as the stimulation helps their brains develop. The ad-free app also plays classical music (you can mute it, too) and has a range of stimulating animations.

Sleep Baby Sleep

Since many new parents struggle with getting their newborns to sleep, you may be willing to try anything to get a bit of extra rest. The good news is white noise can be effective, says DreamBabySleep, helping calm anxious little ones with womb-like sounds. Sleep Baby Sleep offers six different white noises, including fan, hairdryer, vacuum, water, womb sounds, and clothes dryer. You can stop and start the sounds or use a timer for auto-shutoff.

Safety Courtesy of Angi

Safety is a top priority for new parents, and this runs the gamut from appliances to flooring to windows and more. If safety modifications are necessary, you can easily connect with reputable contractors through the Angi app for repairs and improvements. For example, if you’re ready to make your backyard safer, a fence may be in order. With the app, you can find qualified and reputable contractors, as well as customer reviews.

With the right resources, you can support your baby’s development and ease your worries over what’s normal and what may not be. Plus, these apps are all free for your smartphone—making it easier than ever to enjoy being a new parent.

Visit My Baby’s Family to find helpful information on baby and parent products so you can choose the right items for you and your family!


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