These Are the Top 5 Budget-Friendly Apps for New Parents

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New parents have plenty to worry about—but keeping track of everything baby related doesn’t have to be a concern. With the right smartphone apps, you can do everything from document your baby’s growth to connect with other parents—without spending a fortune. Here’s how!

First: Upgrade Your Device

These helpful apps won’t do you any good if your device is outdated. But you can save time and cash by shopping online for deals on the tech you want. Before paying full price for your next smartphone or tablet, check for online deals with special coupons, discount codes, and cash-back offers.

Second: Get the Right Plan

As a new parent, you’re going to rely on your smartphone more than you ever thought possible. From on-the-go entertainment to staying connected to tracking every detail of your baby’s development, it’s a vital tool.

But you’ll also need a data plan that won’t cost you overages when Wi-Fi isn’t available. A prepaid phone service might be the perfect solution—there are no overages involved, yet plenty of data for every upload and streaming entertainment session.

Third: Get These Apps

From documenting your baby’s every milestone and smile to soothing them to sleep or getting parenting advice, these are the apps you need:

Glow Baby

Glow Baby lets you track your child’s development and growth (including multiples) and delivers informational articles on every parenting topic imaginable. There’s a community section to help parents connect, too. Plus, as AppAdvice explains, Glow Baby supports Siri commands on your Apple device—so you can communicate and track information hands-free.

The Wonder Weeks

You can track your infant’s unique development and create personalized schedules with The Wonder Weeks app. From tracking milestones to learning about the ‘magical’ world of development leaps, the app guides you through your child’s phases and growth. Extra options in the app include an HD baby monitor function, audiobook format, a white noise feature, and diary content.

Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation

Don’t let the long name fool you: This app is simpler and more usable than you might imagine. The Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation app (available on Google Play) shows high-contrast pictures with movement, shapes, and a continuous play function to keep your baby entertained. As Ask Dr. Sears explains, large contrasts are ideal for newborns to look at as the stimulation helps their brains develop. The ad-free app also plays classical music (you can mute it, too) and has a range of stimulating animations.

Sleep Baby Sleep

Since many new parents struggle with getting their newborns to sleep, you may be willing to try anything to get a bit of extra rest. The good news is white noise can be effective, says DreamBabySleep, helping calm anxious little ones with womb-like sounds. Sleep Baby Sleep offers six different white noises, including fan, hairdryer, vacuum, water, womb sounds, and clothes dryer. You can stop and start the sounds or use a timer for auto-shutoff.

Safety Courtesy of Angi

Safety is a top priority for new parents, and this runs the gamut from appliances to flooring to windows and more. If safety modifications are necessary, you can easily connect with reputable contractors through the Angi app for repairs and improvements. For example, if you’re ready to make your backyard safer, a fence may be in order. With the app, you can find qualified and reputable contractors, as well as customer reviews.

With the right resources, you can support your baby’s development and ease your worries over what’s normal and what may not be. Plus, these apps are all free for your smartphone—making it easier than ever to enjoy being a new parent.

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