🧡 Best of BabyTV #7 ❤️   Full Episodes | Kids Songs & Cartoons for Toddlers @BabyTV

🧡 Best of BabyTV #7 ❤️   Full Episodes | Kids Songs & Cartoons for Toddlers @BabyTV

Get ready for a heartwarming journey through the most beloved BabyTV episodes! In this special collection, we’ve handpicked a selection of enchanting episodes that are sure to captivate and entertain your little ones.
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0:04 Beep Beep
5:05 Wash your hands
6:41 Cuddlies
13:11 What a wonderful day
16:58 Ahoy Pirates!
23:12 Here We Go Looby Loo
25:04 Tricky Tracks
31:30 Fun with my pets
33:10 Hippa Hey

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[Music] Foreign [Music] And Truckee [Music] Baby [Music] Truckee Truckee Truckee Truckee where is he Truckee I'm counting To three one two Three hey Voom fam hey Roadie have you Seen Truckee no he told me to meet him Here so he'd go to the beach together And I waited and waited and he's not Here maybe forgot forgot why would you Want to go to the beach it's full of wet Water that splashes around so sounds Like fun tell Truckee I got tired of Waiting and went on my own If you're happy and you know it clap Your hands if you're happy and you know It clap your hands if you happy and you Know it then your face will surely show It if you're happy and you know it clap Your hands Wow I've never seen so much water before I've made it to the beach by myself sand Get ready I'm gonna jump on you one two Three boom you're so soft and this Tickles Ocean wait for me I'm coming Waze you want to play hide and seek Catch me

Foreign I'm not afraid of your splashes wow You didn't get me Try again Oh what's this what's happened to me Where did my wheels go I'm sure they Were here I'm stuck oh no Hey trucky what are you doing I'm Watering help what's that oops sorry It's just water water I can't stand water that's why I didn't Go to the beach with Blue Van Went to the beach she waited for you and You didn't show up I completely forgot We said we'd go come on let's join her It'll be fun Really wait for me I don't want to touch The sand or the water Come on stop splashing my wipers are Getting tired Oh ocean you're so salty How That's boom fam's horn [Music] Don't go anywhere I can't go anywhere my Wheels have disappeared [Music] Huh you've got a Savor from the sand Look it it it ain't foam fam's Wheels oh It's all right Blue Van you just sank Into the sand you need big tires like Mine for the sand I'm so happy to see You Truckee Ah

Wow Brody did you see that Look yuck you're full of sand I can't Stand sand Y's right we could use a little dip in The water [Laughter] What's that oh it's wet that's water I Don't like water it's It's not funny [Music] Wash your hands wash your hands before You eat before you eat before a yummy Breakfast with soap and water wash your Hands wash your hands wash your hands Wash your hands after you sit on the Potty when you're all done with soap and Water wash your hands wash your hands [Music] Okay [Music] Wash your hands wash your hands after You play after each day when you finish Playing Waves open water wash your hands Wash your hands wash your hands wash Your hands Try with a town when you feel Washing with a clean towel dry your Hands dry your hands [Music] The cudlies [Music] Very shortly the night holiday will Begin And at midnight on the night holiday

There will be a surprise in the sky oh [Music] Thank you Everybody stays wide awake with Excitement Almost everybody [Music] Dodo also wants to see the surprise at Midnight and he's trying to stay awake But his eyes keep closing all on their Own No Can't allow dodo to fall asleep have to Wake up dodo but how Hmm [Music] Uh-oh's sure he has the solution to the Problem at his house Mm-hmm Um [Music] The noise from the fire truck siren has Broken down it worked [Music] Oops dojo [Music] [Music] Yum yum thinks of waking up dodo with a Sandwich [Music] Hmm [Music] [Music] Yes a sore is very noisy that's more

Like it [Music] Come on [Music] Hey Oh well let's see what tickles has to Offer [Music] Oh A whistle very good [Music] Oh No [Music] He's fallen asleep again watch we do [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Everyone's making a noise together right With this noise even dodo won't be able To sleep [Applause] [Music] No [Music] Except that making all that noise was Very tiring everyone has fallen asleep Except for Dodo [Music] Seems like no one will see the surprise In the sky tonight What was that

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Hours fly It's time for friends having fun Goes down Now it's time to All right Now it's Lunchtime The sun is high up in the sky now it's The middle of the day we'll stop for Running in our play Snoopy Snoopy Snoopy Snoop ice melt ice My soap we shall all sit down and eat Peas and broccoli and beans [Music] Now it's time to take a nap [Music] Time for you and me [Music] After lunch [Music] The sun is high up in the sky now it's The middle of the day we'll stop for Running in our place [Music] After lunch [Music] Thank you Oh raising the sail up high With a small boat at Sea ready for Adventures one two three

The sea is high the wind is strong come On everybody [Music] Solving riddles is their pleasure [Music] Pirates gather around I have something Very important to say Ahoy there's a secret treasure hiding on One of the islands at sea but we can Only get to the treasure if we complete All the missions along the way wow untie The ropes Aye aye Katie raise the sails [Music] Captain Katie turn right [Music] Look dolphins Dolphins Higher go higher Whoa Ahoy Bye dolphins John John can you check if we're getting Closer Aye aye Katie Land ahoy drop the anchor The Pirates have made it to Treasure Island Pirates let's go after me Foreign How should we cross the river let's see If they figure out how to cross the River whoa a Gong Ari let's see what Happens when you hit that gong

Uh [Music] Wow The Rocks just Rose from the water [Music] Pirates we need to remember the order of The green rocks Aye aye Who wants to give it a try I'll try Whoa not quite as simple as our John John thought it would be Let's try again [Music] I want to have a go Whoa [Music] Ouch Looks like Beth couldn't get it right Either Hmm is Harry going to make it [Music] Now onwards to the treasure Ow look over there Ahoy unbelievable the Pirates have Discovered a huge pyramid look the Treasure is up on the top of the pyramid [Music] Let's climb Pirates Uh oh the pyramid is slippery they can't Climb on it pirates look over there it Looks like a shape puzzle But what do we have to do It looks like they have to solve a Riddle to find the treasure

I know we have to solve the shapes Puzzle to get to the top Let's turn the wheel Ari can you help us Foreign No that's not the right shape keep Turning push harder [Music] Now let's turn it in the other direction Wow will the pirate solve the puzzle we Have to match the round shape next Wow Excellent they've solved the shape Puzzle it's a turtle We solve the puzzle Pirates look stairs green Come on let's climb up to the treasure Well shiver me timbers the Pirates have Found the treasure And wow it's a treasure chest full of Bouncy balls how fun [Music] [Music] Hey huh [Music] What a treasure what a party can I get An Ahoy Pirates Ahoy [Music] [Applause] [Music] Here we go [Music] Here we go [Music]

[Music] Here we go [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] On a Saturday night [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Hey friends Would you like to go on a ride with me Let's go [Music] [Music] We've now arrived at the train station I'm stopping Oh wow look at all these frogs which Train car Camille fit in Wait maybe we should count them one two One two Wait that's impossible Dear frogs please stand still I'm trying To count all of you Ah that's better One two Three Four Five Five Frogs Which train car can fit all five frogs [Music] Hmm

One two three four five Seats Four five frogs Do do It [Music] All the frogs are welcome to board the Red train car One two three four five See a perfect fit Let's go [Music] Ready take a deep breath Thank you [Music] [Music] Whoops [Music] Backing up backing up there you're Welcome to board the train Oh the train car is too small [Music] We need a bigger train car Let's see if there's a bigger train car Available Hey bear Wait a minute [Music] Here try the purple train car it's Bigger [Music] The purple train car is just right One two three Dude

[Music] Hold on tight [Music] Thank you [Music] We've now reached the final stop Everyone please exit the train safely Goodbye goodbye All of my friends have left the train we Can now continue Huh Quack quack Mrs Goose what's wrong Oh you forgot your hat Don't worry Mrs Goose let's look for it In the yellow train car Here's the Hat you forgot Oops of course not this hat seems too Big This be the Hat you forgot It looks very nice on you But this hat seems too small Here's another hat This is the Hat you forgot Oh great this hat fits perfectly [Music] Goodbye Mrs Goose goodbye my friends see You all tomorrow Dude [Music] [Music] It's fun in my house Because I can't stay with my tiny cat That says let's go play his fur is so

Soft he plays with us [Music] Oh It's fun in my house because I can't Stay with my tiny dog that's [Music] Good boy [Music] Thank you Hello Where is everybody Hello Sophie [Music] And who's that hiding behind the tree [Music] Hello Hippa [Music] And here's a box [Music] Hello there Bow Wow Sophie hippo Bow Wow and the Airship as Well everyone is here Want to play So let's go [Music] Let's play the game guess where I was Who wants to play [Music] Let's try to guess where hippo was [Music] Oh [Music] There you are Hippo is wearing skis

Sunglasses and a wool hat [Music] So where was Hippa At the park Was hip at the park With skis and a wool hat [Music] Was hit by at the playground with skis No then where were you Hippa Hey Hippa were you skiing Yes good job [Music] What's up [Music] Who wants to play the sound game Bow Wow [Music] Let's begin What makes this sound [Music] Very good that's the sound a rattle Makes [Music] What makes this sound [Music] No that's the sound of a horn [Music] You did it that's the sound a clock Makes now Bow Wow Let's Dance to the Sound game music [Music] Foreign [Music] Yes very nice

[Music] Look at this blue ball [Music] Who wants to play the hidden picture Game Sophie wants to play [Music] What is the hidden picture that's Painted on the ball Oh I don't know either [Music] [Music] Maybe you know what it is I think Eva has an idea No okay let's continue Sophie [Music] What's painted on the ball [Music] Can you guess what it is [Music] Yes it's a teddy bear Good job Sophie [Music] It's been fun I had a great time how About you Foreign [Music] Goodbye friends [Music] Thank you Baby [Music]

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