1,2,3 Monkeys πŸ™ˆβ€‹πŸ™‰β€‹πŸ™Šβ€‹ | Numbers for Kids | Cartoon for Children | @BabyTV

1,2,3 Monkeys πŸ™ˆβ€‹πŸ™‰β€‹πŸ™Šβ€‹ | Numbers for Kids | Cartoon for Children | @BabyTV

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Board the train on which each stop is an opportunity to meet new friends, play games, and practice basic mathematical skills. It’s fun to count, match, sort and help BabyTV’s friendly characters solve simple riddles on the train journey.
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Hey friends Would you like to go on a ride with me Let's go [Music] Dude [Music] Now arrived at the train station i'm Stopping Oh wow look at all these monkeys which Train car can they all fit in Wait maybe we should count them One two One Two Wait that's impossible Dear monkeys please stand still i'm Trying to count all of you Ah That's better One Two Three Three monkeys Which train car can fit all three Monkeys [Music] Hmm One Two Three Three seats for three monkeys [Music] All the monkeys are welcome to board the Red train car

One Two Three See a perfect fit Let's go [Music] Ready Take a deep breath [Music] [Music] Whoops [Music] Backing up Backing up Dear you're welcome to board the train Oh The train car is too small We need a bigger train car Let's see if there's a bigger train car Available Hey Dear Wait a minute [Music] Here try the purple train car it's Bigger [Music] Aha the purple train car is just right One two three Two two [Music] Hold on tight [Music] Do

[Music] We've now reached the final stop Everyone please exit the train safely Goodbye Goodbye All of my friends have left the train we Can now continue Mrs goose what's wrong Oh You forgot something that belongs to Your drum Don't worry mrs goose Let's look for it in the yellow train Car A hat that's what you forgot Oops of course not a hat doesn't go with A drum Maybe these glasses They suit you But they do not go with a drum either Hmm [Music] Oh Drumsticks That's what you forgot Great the drumsticks go perfectly [Music] Goodbye mrs goose Goodbye my friends See you all tomorrow [Music] [Music] Baby tv

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