The Perfect Chicco Stroller For Your Baby

Pietro Catelli is the founder and president of Chicco. He was born in Como on April 14 1920. He is conscious of human relationships and has a contagious love of his work. The Chicco brand was established in 1958, the same year of the birth of Catelli’s first son, Enrico. His mission was to be able to produce baby gear and products which are safe and easy to use. Chicco targets each stage of childhood in their collections and aim to please both the parents and the child with their products.

Chicco Quality

The Chicco stroller is known for its high quality and affordable prices. These strollers strive to meet the demands of both parents and child and are very durable. They can withstand the constant riding and folding and standing on the stroller that usually occur.

Three Kinds of Strollers

The three main strollers found in the Chicco webpage are the full size strollers, compact strollers and double strollers. The full sized Chicco stroller features a large stroller with a canopy and four double wheels o bring you anywhere. Some of them have a small table or bar in the front which acts as a guard for the child. This stroller can be folded but it is still bulky when folded.

The second type is the compact stroller which features the same four double wheels but it is more compact and light weight compared to the previous stroller. It usually has a body belt that ensures the safety of the baby or toddler that rides in it. There is no bar or table in the front of this type of Chicco stroller because it can fold into a smaller form compared to the previous stroller described above. This type of stroller has more models than nay other Chicco stroller available at the moment.

The third type of stroller is the double stroller. This Chicco stroller features two seats side by side for twins. It features four double wheels and is more easy to use than the full sized strollers because the target age of this stroller is the toddler age.

The people at Chicco pride themselves in their drive to excel at what they do and what they produce. Their products usually surpass safety standards and if there are any problems which may occur with any Chicco stroller, the company recalls the product and tries to address the problem. Customer support can be reached via email and phone.

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