Ahoy Pirates! 🦜 Treasures of the Forgotten Cave | Exciting Kids Expedition | Videos for Kisd @BabyTV

Ahoy Pirates! 🦜 Treasures of the Forgotten Cave | Exciting Kids Expedition | Videos for Kisd @BabyTV

Come join Captain Kaite, Jon Jon and Beth as they set sail to find the treasure
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[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Pirates gather round I have something Very important to say Ahoy there's a secret treasure hiding on One of the islands at sea but we can Only get to the treasure if we complete All the missions along the way wow untie The ropes [Music] Raise the sails [Music] Captain Katie turn right [Music] Look dolphins dolphins Higher go higher Wow Ahoy Bye dolphins John John can you check if we're getting Closer Aye aye Katie Land ahoy drop the anchor The Pirates have made it to Treasure Island Pirates let's go after me How should we cross the river let's see If they figure out how to cross the River whoa a Gong huh Ari let's see what Happens when you hit that gong Oh brother [Music]

Wow The Rocks just Rose from the water [Music] Pirates we need to remember the order of The green rocks Aye aye Who wants to give it a try I'll try Whoa not quite as simple as our John John thought it would be Let's try again [Music] I want to have a go Whoa [Music] Ouch Looks like Beth couldn't get it right Either Is Ari going to make it [Music] Well done [Music] Now onwards to the treasure Wow look over there Ahoy unbelievable the Pirates have Discovered a huge pyramid look the Treasure is up on the top of the pyramid [Music] Let's climb Pirates Uh oh the pyramid is slippery they can't Climb on it pirates look over there it Looks like a shape puzzle Perfect But what do we have to do It looks like they have to solve a

Riddle to find the treasure I know we have to solve the shapes Puzzle to get to the top let's turn the Wheel Ari can you help us No that's not the right shape keep Turning push harder [Music] Now let's turn it in the other direction Wow will the pirate solve the puzzle we Have to match the round shape next Wow excellent they've solved the shape Puzzle it's a turtle Solve the puzzle Pirates look stairs great Come on let's climb up to the treasure Well shiver me timbers the Pirates have Found the treasure And wow it's a treasure chest full of Bouncy balls how fun [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] What a treasure what a party can I get An Ahoy Pirates Ahoy Foreign [Music] [Music]

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