Cribs Under 100

Looking for a crib that won’t break the bank? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ve scoured the market to find the best cribs under $100, perfect for budget-friendly parents like yourself.

From affordable options for newborns and infants to stylish and safe designs that won’t cost a fortune, we’ve got you covered.

So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of budget-friendly cribs to create the perfect nursery for your little one.

Key Takeaways

  • Repurpose an old dresser into a crib by removing drawers and adding wooden slats.
  • Use a pack ‘n play with bassinet feature for a versatile and affordable crib.
  • Consider purchasing second-hand cribs or borrowing from friends or family.
  • Convertible cribs offer versatility and long-term use at an affordable price.

The Best Cribs for Budget-Friendly Parents

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If you’re looking for a crib that won’t break the bank, you’ll love these budget-friendly options. As a parent, finding alternative sleeping arrangements for newborns can be a challenge, especially when working with a limited budget. However, there are several DIY crib hacks that can help create a cozy and safe sleeping space for your little one without breaking the bank.

One option is to repurpose an old dresser into a crib. By removing the drawers and adding some wooden slats, you can easily transform it into a sturdy and stylish crib.

Another cost-effective solution is using a pack ‘n play with bassinet feature. These versatile cribs not only provide a safe place for your baby to sleep but also offer additional features like changing tables and storage compartments.

For those who are handy with tools, building your own crib from scratch can be an excellent way to save money. There are numerous online tutorials and plans available to guide you through the process step by step.

Additionally, purchasing second-hand cribs or borrowing one from friends or family members can also be an affordable option.

Affordable Cribs for Newborns and Infants

An image showcasing a cozy nursery with a stylish and affordable crib, adorned with soft bedding and surrounded by toys, emphasizing the affordability and comfort of cribs under $100 for newborns and infants

There’s a wide variety of affordable cribs available for newborns and infants. As new parents, finding cost-effective crib options can be a top priority. Luckily, there are many affordable crib alternatives for budget-conscious families.

One popular option is the mini crib. These cribs are smaller in size but still provide a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your little one. They are also more affordable compared to full-size cribs.

Another great choice is a convertible crib. These versatile cribs can be converted into toddler beds or even full-size beds as your child grows, saving you money in the long run.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, consider purchasing a portable crib or a travel crib. These cribs are lightweight, easy to assemble, and perfect for families who are always on the go.

When shopping for an affordable crib, it’s important to prioritize safety features such as sturdy construction and adjustable mattress heights. Look out for certifications like JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) to ensure that the crib meets all necessary safety standards.

Top 7 Cribs Under $100

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One of the top choices for budget-conscious families is a convertible crib, which can be transformed into a toddler bed or full-size bed as your child grows. These cribs are not only cost-effective but also versatile, providing long-term use and value for your money. When searching for the best convertible cribs under $100, consider factors such as safety features, durability, and ease of assembly.

To help you in making an informed decision, here is a comparison table showcasing the top 7 cribs under $100:

Cribs Features
1. Dream On Me Violet – Converts to toddler bed and daybed
– Three adjustable mattress heights
– Available in multiple colors
————————- ————————————————-
2. Delta Children Heartland – Converts to toddler bed and daybed
– Strong wood construction
– Available in various finishes

These convertible cribs offer excellent functionality at an affordable price point. Additionally, if you’re looking for portable cribs for travel purposes, there are several options available within this budget range. Portable cribs are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for families on-the-go.

When choosing a portable crib for travel, prioritize features like compactness, foldability, and ease of setup. Look out for models with sturdy frames and secure locking mechanisms to ensure your child’s safety during travel.

Stylish and Safe Cribs for Less

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To find a stylish and safe crib at an affordable price, you should consider factors such as design, material quality, and safety certifications. When looking for budget-friendly crib options and inexpensive nursery furniture, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of your little one while also considering your budget constraints.

When it comes to design, opt for cribs that have a timeless appeal and can easily blend with any nursery decor. Look for cribs made from sturdy materials like solid wood or metal that can withstand the test of time. Make sure the crib meets all safety standards and regulations by checking for proper certifications such as JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Consider convertible cribs that can be transformed into toddler beds or even full-size beds as your child grows. This will not only save you money in the long run but also provide a versatile solution for your growing child’s needs.

Additionally, look for cribs with adjustable mattress heights to accommodate your baby’s growth stages. This feature allows you to lower the mattress as your child becomes more mobile and curious.

To ensure a safe sleeping environment, avoid secondhand cribs unless they meet current safety standards. Inspect the crib thoroughly before purchasing to check for any damage or missing parts.

Budget-Friendly Cribs for Your Nursery

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When looking for a budget-friendly option for your nursery, consider cribs that offer both style and affordability. There are several options to explore, including second hand options and DIY crib ideas.

Second hand cribs can be a great way to save money while still providing a safe sleeping space for your baby. Before purchasing a second hand crib, make sure to thoroughly inspect it for any signs of wear or damage. Look out for loose screws, broken slats, or peeling paint. It’s also important to ensure that the crib meets current safety standards and hasn’t been recalled.

If you’re feeling crafty and want to save even more money, DIY crib ideas might be perfect for you. With some basic woodworking skills and materials such as plywood and paint, you can create a unique and personalized crib that fits your style.

However, when considering second hand options or embarking on a DIY project, it’s crucial to prioritize safety above all else. Follow all recommended safety guidelines, such as using non-toxic paint and ensuring proper mattress fit.

Where to Find High-Quality Cribs at Low Prices

An image showcasing a serene nursery with a stylish, eco-friendly crib adorned with soft bedding and surrounded by shelves filled with adorable baby essentials, perfectly illustrating the affordability and quality of cribs under $100

Now that you’ve learned about budget-friendly cribs for your nursery, let’s discuss where to find high-quality cribs at low prices. It’s important to choose a crib that not only meets safety standards but also fits within your budget. Here are some tips for assembling cribs without professional help and how to choose a crib that meets safety standards without breaking the bank.

When it comes to assembling your crib, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Make sure all parts are securely fastened and double-check everything before placing your baby in the crib. If you’re unsure about any step, consult the instruction manual or seek assistance from customer support.

To ensure you’re getting a safe and affordable crib, consider these factors:

  1. Safety Standards: Look for cribs that meet ASTM International and CPSC safety regulations.
  2. Material Quality: Choose cribs made of sturdy materials like solid wood or metal.
  3. Adjustable Features: Opt for adjustable mattress heights and removable side rails for added convenience.
  4. Price Comparison: Shop around and compare prices from different retailers to get the best deal.

By following these tips, you can assemble your crib with ease and find a high-quality one that will keep your baby safe without breaking the bank. Take a look at this table below for some examples of top-rated cribs under $100:

Cribs Under $100
Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib
Graco Benton 5-in-1 Convertible Crib
Dream On Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible Crib
Storkcraft Steveston 4-In-1 Convertible Crib

These cribs have received positive reviews from parents and offer excellent value for their price range. Remember, investing in a safe and affordable crib is an essential part of creating a comfortable nursery for your little one.

Must-Have Cribs for Frugal Families

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For frugal families, it’s important to find cribs that offer both quality and affordability. When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your little one, you don’t have to break the bank. Here are three must-have cribs that will suit your budget without compromising on safety or style:

  1. Tips for finding secondhand cribs on a budget: Look out for local consignment stores, online marketplaces, or community garage sales where you can find gently used cribs at discounted prices. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the crib for any signs of wear or damage and ensure that it meets current safety standards.

  2. DIY options for affordable cribs in your nursery: If you’re handy with tools, consider building your own crib using plans available online. This allows you to customize the design according to your preferences while keeping costs low. Just make sure to follow proper safety guidelines and use materials that meet safety standards.

  3. Affordable brand options: Many reputable brands offer affordable crib options without compromising on quality or safety features. Look for cribs with adjustable mattress heights, sturdy construction, and non-toxic finishes. Some popular budget-friendly brands include Delta Children, Graco, and Babyletto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Dimensions of the Cribs Mentioned in the Article?

The dimensions of the cribs mentioned in the article are not specified. However, it is important to note that the versatility of these cribs allows for easy adjustment and customization to fit your specific needs.

Are the Cribs Adjustable for Different Mattress Heights?

Yes, the cribs under 100 have adjustable mattress heights to accommodate your growing baby. Safety features like sturdy construction and secure railings are included. Assembling these cribs is a breeze, taking only a few minutes.

Can These Cribs Be Converted Into Toddler Beds?

Yes, these cribs can be converted into toddler beds. They are designed with adjustable features that allow you to easily transform them as your child grows. This ensures long-term usability and value for your investment.

What Are the Weight Limits for These Cribs?

The weight limits for these cribs vary, but most can safely hold up to 50 pounds. Additionally, many of these cribs have adjustable mattress heights to accommodate your growing baby.

Are the Mattresses Included With the Cribs or Are They Sold Separately?

When choosing a crib, it’s important to consider whether the mattress is sold separately or included. To ensure a safe and comfortable sleep for your little one, be sure to select the right mattress that fits snugly in the crib.


Congratulations on finding the perfect crib for your little one without breaking the bank! With our top 7 cribs under $100, you can rest easy knowing that style and safety don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious parent or just love a good deal, these affordable options are sure to impress. So go ahead and create the nursery of your dreams without emptying your wallet – it’s like winning the lottery for frugal families!

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