4 Expensive Strollers Worth the Money

4 Expensive Strollers Worth the Money

Today we’re going to be looking at four relatively expensive models that we feel are well worth their price on the current market please note that there are of course many other good models out there also worth their price and in addition that just because these models are good does not necessarily mean they’re right for you to determine that it’s important to take into account a variety of factors concerning variations in lifestyle and environment

Chosen for a few specific reasons firstly because they represent a somewhat varied cross-section of different stroller types secondly because they’re all models that have been around for a reasonably longtime which means that we know how they holdup a bit down the road and lastly because they’re all pretty trusted and thus if treated right can fetch a decent amount on the used market when you’re done with them.

Real quick for those of you unfamiliar with our channel that we don’t sell strollers we don’t use affiliate links and we don’t receive payment in any form from manufacturers for our recommendations our qualifications for making these recommendations are based on a decade’s experience of repairing strollers for private consumers distributors and manufacturers okay let’s get going then beginning with the baby’s end too.

A rain cover the yoyo2 is nonetheless still even after almost a decade since its initial launch the yardstick with which we measure all other ultra compactsand the reason for the yoyo success as far as I see it is the model’s combination of easy focused functionality with a very strong very efficient mechanical design the yoyo is constructed with a minimum of inbuilt frills and peripheral functions you see to just within the guidelines so that it can maximize what’s most important quality of materials simple repairable mechanisms driving performance and seat size and really there’s only one extra that’s been integrated into the basic model the shoulder strap which for me is an essential part of what the yoyo is as with ultra compacts easy folding and carrying is as important as driving in child comfort and by putting all the rest of the price possible for its size rather than adding a bunch of fancy functions the yoyo is a stroller built to do exactly what you needed to do and also which is built to last which is why even in 2021 there are still first and second generation yoyos  out there sturdily chugging away all the models in this video will fetch a decent price on the used market when you are done with them if you treat them right but in my experience the yoyo is a particularly safe investment.

In fact here in Norway people even run cottage rental services with them during the holiday season next up and priced at right around a thousand bucks is the uppa baby vista v2a thousand bucks is a lot of money but anyone who’s been through the buy break and return roundabout a few times trying to score cheap products should know that sometimes it’s necessary to spend a bit more up front to avoid spending plus hassles later on I’ve personally been learning this.

Laptops what makes the vista v2 worth its price in my opinion then is a combination of the model’s sturdy simple build it’s easy one-piece fold it’s large seat that can be positioned higher than a lot of the competition it’s spacious and accessible shopping basket the strong terrain capability afforded by its large wheels and excellent suspension and most importantly of all the fact that all of this has been accomplished so that when you look at the numbers what you’re getting isn’t really that  much larger or heavier than most other less capable mid-sized model supper baby isn’t one of those companies frivolously releasing entirely new models every few years rather they’re more the double down type steadily updating and improving on what they’vebuilt all along and in 2021 I’d say that this approach is paying off more than ever.

Strong on the current market up next and sitting at around 650 bucks which is pretty hefty for a model of it’s type is the baby jogger city elite 2 the latest iteration of one of our favorite lines of all time three wheeled swivel wheel models are often rejected for their lack of that oh so desired reversible seat and I often feel that people really don’t realize what they’re giving up just for that single characteristic.

Four wheelers then what you get with the city elite 2 is a much larger seat a much sturdier simpler and longer lasting build incomparably better terrain capability a naturally smaller folded package for it’s size due to not needing a separate seat frame and a very easy one-step one-hand fold there are a lot of great three-wheeled swivel wheel models out there but the elite line sort of takes the cake for me partly because I find it the most daily of its type but also just by default as all of it’s real competitors have at least one aspect in which I find the elite superior like the yoyo and the vista this is another one of those long lasting and well-tested strollers and the reasons i find the model well worth its price then are really the same as with those other models as a result of excellent use value performance and longevity
ridiculous prices upwards of seventeen hundred dollars for two children is the boogaboo donkey three yet despite the cost in my opinion if you’re facing up to the tremendous load of needing a two-child model all day every day for any significant length of time then there really is nothing else on the market that’s going to make life as easy for you as the donkey to start with while I know that tandem models are quite popular these days

My side models as they’re more maneuverable and terrain capable have better balance and also provide equal access to both children without sacrificing basket space and what makes the donkey 3 absolutely golden for this type of stroller then is a simple fact that the model has reversible seats and yet is still sufficiently lightweight and foldable that it makes a side by side reversible seat model functional as something you can pack in and out of a car if you need.

It’s not so much of a tank that you can’t drive it around in stores or taken on public transport and it’s sufficiently maneuverable and terrain capable that it works well both in the city and off-road as a boogaboo model there are a ton of features and functions in addition to this lots of options for comboing in bassinets and car seats or contracting the model to its mono form but in the end it’s really that basic offering that means the most.

In my a usably lightweight foldable drivable reversible seat side by side model to help you through your daily life with two children in any case we hope you enjoyed the video and if you did we ask you subscribe as it helps us to continue making videos in the future if you’d like to know more about any of these models we have standalone reviews for each of them and links have been added in the description in addition if you are currently guide on our patreon page which lists a wide range of models that we recommend with a lot of technical and lifestyle related information you can find that by following the linkin the description as well thank you.

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