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Experience the magic with our curated compilation of BabyTV best episodes! From enchanting adventures to new discoveries, each episode invites toddlers into a world of wonder and learning. SUBSCRIBE for more videos every week! More from BabyTV:…

Experience the magic with our curated compilation of BabyTV best episodes! From enchanting adventures to new discoveries, each episode invites toddlers into a world of wonder and learning.
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0:05 Jump Out of Bed Sleepy Head
6:10 In the Giggle Park
11:03 What a Wonderful Day
14:10 Zeina’s Detective Agency
20:00 Choopies
25:28 Big Bugs Band
29:46 Dino & the Egg Hunt
35:37 Teeny & Tiny
39:11 Charlie & the Shapes
44:51 What a Wonderful Day
48:26 Little Lola in the Farm
23:17 Ahoy Pirates!

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[Music] Baby [Music] TV it's a sunny Bright New Day in a palace far Away Garden gardeners birds and Trees wake up now if you Please tick and tuck tuck and tick they Can be very quick wake up cook parts and L morning here set the Table in the pal Queen And wake up stretch come and See there's a lot to do Today first we work and then we Play CH and tick tick and talk every Morning like a clock they get up with The sun they wake up everyone tick tock Tick Tock yellow sun is like a clock Tick Tock R and shine sun is rising in The [Music] Sky [Music] [Applause] [Music] H [Music] H [Music] H [Music] This [Music] H

Hey [Music] H [Music] [Music] H [Music] Ah [Music] [Music] W [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] W [Applause] [Music] Yeah [Music] Cookie we're going out for a ride in the [Music] Park hello Balloon now the balloon has has also Joined us on our [Music] Ride duck duck come with us [Music] Too now Jack and I the balloon and the Duck are going for a Ride let's [Music] Play peekaboo

[Music] Look for Us [Music] Peekaboo and again Where are We here we [Music] Are goodbye Duck goodbye Balloon [Music] Wow a small airplane and a big [Music] [Music] Airplane [Music] Let's play another peekaboo game with The airplanes Peekaboo [Music] Peekaboo Cie [Music] [Music] Googie KY [Music] [Music] [Music] Peekaboo Goodbye [Music] It's a l new day time to wake up time to

Play noon time lunch time sun is high Lunch and at the hours Fly afternoon it's time for friends Having fun that never ends Evening Comes the Sun goes down now it's W and supper Time the sky is dark the stars are Bright now it's time to say good Night now It's [Music] Morning [Music] Is tinkling my eyes like a welcoming Surprise let's get up let's not get lazy Up get Upsy Daisy come on children let's get up it Is time for washing up don't forget your Teeth to brush even when you're in a Rush wash your face and Co your hair now Let's pick out what to [Music] Wear to the kfast time here is your cup Here is mine milk and juice and oat and Toast this is what we love the most now We don't want to be late it's ready Half come on children let's get later There'll be time to rest put off your Trousers to K your shirt tie your shoes Put on your skirt put up your hair full Up your socks take your back back and Lunch Bo Take your hats and lock the door

Skipping hoing four we're just singing In the tree they are whistling so are we It's the best part of the Day time for us to laugh and [Music] Play [Music] [Applause] [Music] Cena's detective [Music] Agency it's another wonderful morning It's ena's detective Agency H my detective skills are telling Me there someone behind that Door ahuh I knew there was someone here Good morning uh um pencil of course You're a pencil anyone can see you're a Pencil especially a famous detective Like me come on In welcome to Zena's detective agency uh Detective Zena I can't remember what I'm Used for I spent the whole night trying To remember but I couldn't do it so I Said to myself maybe you could help me Maybe maybe of course I can help help You no one is as good as I am at solving Mysteries and now let's get to work Let's see what do we already know we Know that you're a pencil but the real Question is what do we use a pencil for What do we do with a Pencil I know you know what to do with Me no I have no idea but I know who will

Know he's the smartest one in town he Knows everything around he's my best Friend and his name is Roy Oh no there's someone at my door what do They want I don't remember inviting Anyone all right all right I'm coming Don't break down my door hello Roy Zena What are you doing here with a pencil You see he knew you were a pencil right Away I told you he's the smartest one in Town well I don't know if I'm the Smartest in town this morning the pencil Came to me with a difficult Question what is a pencil used for oh is That it that's the mystery it's a very Simple problem really any kid knows that Pencils are used for uh uh I [Music] Mean I know I know what a pencil is used For really you know what to do with a Pencil absolutely a pencil is used for Flying to outer space flying to outer Space we fly to space in a pencil of Course we can fly to space in a pencil Look at you you're long and thin right Right and you can stand upright like a Spaceship right right so what do we do With a pencil we're flying in outer Space and it looks like lots of fun too So what are we waiting for let's go on An [Music] Adventure we're flying in outer space This is fun

I'm not sure this is what you do with The pencil Zena look how high up we are But it's so much fun to fly in space in A Pencil come on let's fly over [Music] There I can't look or There Woo you know what Zena it is fun to fly In space in a pencil Roy's right now Let's fly fly over [Music] There Told You So flying the space in a Pencil is Fun Hello friends what are you doing Here we're flying in space in a pencil Flying in space in a pencil yes that's a Lovely idea but I think pencils are used For something else something else yes Look I'm sure flying in space in a Pencil is fun but from what I've heard Pencils are used to write and to draw Draw yes to draw all sorts of things Like a picture for your friends that's Right I'm used to draw pictures for Friends all right I knew it all along Pencils are used for drawing pictures Drawing with a pencil H that sounds like Fun too I can already picture it do you Want to go back and draw some Pictures uh After we fly around some more Yay here we [Music]

Gooo [Music] Yay [Music] Yay ready friends thank you dear Moon Goodbye it was lovely to see you you're Always welcome to come Back [Music] Another mystery solved successfully We've discovered that pencils are used To draw pictures now let's draw some Pictures Yay Zena stand still and I'll draw [Music] You wow What a Lovely thank you friends I knew I'd come To the right place we were happy to help You pencil we've had a lovely day with You and we'd love if you came back to Draw some pictures again thanks Zena Thanks Roy but say the next time I come Would it be all right if before we drw Pictures we go flying in space for a While [Music] Again [Music] Ha Ha Wo hi [Music] O

[Music] A Ah [Music] [Applause] [Music] Ah Oh Oh [Music] Uhoh [Music] Ahy [Music] Oh ah w [Music] [Music] [Music] Ohy [Music] [Music] He [Music] [Music] He [Music] Y [Music] He [Music] PE [Music] Back [Music]

Hi [Music] Be [Music] Y Hey [Music] Hey [Music] W Bo Bo [Music] Bo Bo [Music] Boie Bo Boink [Music] [Applause] [Music] Boink Boogie boie Bo Boogie Boogie Boogie [Music] Boogie [Music] [Applause] [Music] La [Applause]

[Music] W [Music] Oh [Music] Y [Music] [Applause] Yooo ooh [Music] Ah Wow [Music] [Music] Yay W [Music] Hey [Music] [Music] Huh [Music] W [Music] Oo [Music] O Hey Wow [Music] [Music] Y [Music] Good

[Music] We we got Black what [Applause] [Music] [Music] W [Music] Tiny [Music] Teeny teeny and Tiny's classroom Room tiny would you like to dance with Me sure but I don't know how oh it's Very easy music Please just start [Music] Moving W ah like this Exactly oh come on kids dance with us [Music] Yay let's be [Music] Puppeteers la la la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la La la la la la la la La la la [Music] [Applause] [Music] La look it's upside Down la la la la la la la la la la La it's time for what doesn't Belong which is the odd one out the Plate the cup or the tambourine huh

Which is the odd one out the plate the Cup or the tambourine uh-huh I have to Think about [Music] It teeny have you finished thinking yet Yes we use a cup and a plate to eat or Drink we eat from a plate and drink from A cup and we use a tambourine to play Music that's why the tambourine is the Odd one out that's right the tambourine Let's give a hand to Teeny who answered Correctly Yay Let's hear some sounds let's play the Music [Music] Game Let's Hear It [Music] Again [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] Hi [Music] Wa 1 2 3 4 5 I'm the strongest shape alive 1 2 3 4 5 I'm the strongest shape Alive hey who are you I'm pink spiral I'm green Square nice to meet you you know I'm Strong too but not as strong as I [Music] Am

I thought you said you were strong Because I am strong pink spiral you can Even hold one of my weights when I can Hold both easily Huh Charlie tell green square how strong I am she can't even lift one little Weight huh green square pink spiral is Right she went even threw me up in the Air let's have a contest to see who's The strongest yeah a Contest what what Contest waa fireflies my friends you're Just in time maybe you can help Us green square and pink spal want to Have a Contest but I don't know how to hold a Contest between square and [Music] Spiral who could drop more apples from The tree without climbing climbing the Tree who can drop more apples from the Tree but without climbing it Exciting that's easy I'm surely going to Win the contest [Music] Look ow oops sorry I won well I want a New [Music] Contest there's no time for another Contest the shapes party is about to Begin H hey let's bring the apples to our Friends at the Party

Huh oh that's it's really heavy pink Spiral can you help Me um maybe green square should help Carry the basket he's very Strong no problem it's really easy for Me shall we go and you pink spiral can Take us to the party Gladly we're flying to the shapes Party yeah wo [Music] Wo come on everybody let's sing The Shape Song together don't be Shy come sing with us Square rectangles Parall Diamond Trapz circle triangle star and Pentagon And Line zigzag spiral and Arrow follow me on green square and I'm Very strong we rectangles yellow and I'm Gray I'm pink parall and I'm a ballerina I'm a beautiful Diamond can't you see I'm captain trapezoid all AB sh shake shake shake shake shake Shake shake it shake come and shake Shake sh it shake shake shake shake Shake it Shake I'm red circle and I like to roll Around we're triangles I'm orange and I'm blue hey look up we're a kite look At me I'm a star I'm pagon and I love to Draw I'm the queen of hor and I'm the Duess of I'm pink spiral hold on tight I'm purple line straight and F my name Is zag and I can Zig and I can zag I'm

Blue arrow follow Me sh shake shake shake shake shake Shake shake it shake sh shake shake Shake shake shake shake shake it shake Say shake shake shake shake shake shake Shake Shake shake shake shake shake shake Shake shake it Shake shake shake shake shake shake Shake shake it shake I'm shake shake Shake shake shake shake shake it shake I'm shake shake shake shake [Music] Shake It's a lovely brand new day time to wake Up time to PlayOn Lun time sun is high lunch and The hours Fly afternoon it's time for friends Having fun That Never Ends evening Comes the Sun goes down now It's w and supper Time the sky is dark the stars are Bright now it's time to say good Night now it's Lunchtime the sun is high up in the sky Now it's the middle of the Day we'll stop our running in our PL Snoopy Snoopy Snoopy Snoop I SM l i SM soop we shall all sit down and eat Peas and broccoli and Bees lunch time Munch time nap time to Time to rest for me and you lunch was Yummy fill my dummy now it's time to

Take a Nap take your teddy and your Love one and two and three and four lay Your man on the floor B cudle called Lady nappy time for you and Me lunch time Munch time nap time to After lunch what shall we do lunch time Lunch time nap time too after lunch There's lots to [Music] Do The sun is high up in the sky now it's The middle of the Day we'll stop running in our Play Snoopy Snoopy Snoopy Snoop Ice ice s we shall all sit down and eat Eat and broccoli and be E lunch time lunch time nap time to After lunch what shall we do lunch lunch Time nap time to after lunch [Music] There's W [Music] Littlea little Lola little [Music] Lola W Little visit the [Music] Farm Hey listen what is That who's making that [Music]

Sound look at that there's something There I see you come Out that's this sound belong to this Kitten [Music] No hey I see you come Out does this sound belong to this [Music] Fool yes this sound belongs to this Beautiful [Music] Fool [Music] I like this vegetable Garden what's that it's Growing whoop who are You Hello may do you know what that [Music] Is it's so long and has a beautiful Orange color it's a [Music] Carrot Whoops you love [Music] Carrots [Music] A [Music] Yeah hi Duckling what are you doing Outdoors do you like to be Indoors maybe it's better to be Outdoors

Hey look there's mommy Duck it's nice to stay indoors with [Music] [Music] Mommy A beautiful Fence Whoops a Sheep another Sheep One Two three Sheep one sheep two sheep three sheep Hey you're not a Sheep you're a fo [Music] [Music] The fo is Sleeping Hey what's That yes it's one Apple do you like Apples you're so Hungry hey one [Music] Apple so many [Music] Apples oh raising the Sailor pie anchors Away I I with a small boat at Sea ready For Adventures one 2 3 the sea is high the wind is strong Come on everybody and sing our Song to the Treasure mud slides and waterfalls We

Won't Give Up When danger calls through Challenges and traps with our compasses And Maps solving riddles is their pleasure We will rest till we find the treasure Ho ho to the Treasure Matey Pirates Come here I have something Important to say I wonder what Captain Katie is going to tell the Pirates John John I'm here be right there good Beth I'll be right there Katie huh good Ari Ari are you coming Where's Ari where is Ari the monkey they can't Set sail without Ari the monkey come on Pirates let's find Ari A Ari are you Here that's not Ari that's a Teapot keep looking girls Huh AR that's not Ari the monkey that's A Globe Pirates we've got to find [Music] Ari Ari Huh I found [Music] Ari excellent just in time pirates we Need to find the treasure on the island And we need to do it Together yay come on Pirates let's get Ready to set sail oh untie the Ropes I I Katie raise the sails

A Ahoy [Music] Aoy oh pirates look at all this trash Floating in the ocean we have to pick it Up let's clean the [Music] Ocean [Music] Great we did it the ocean is clean again Oh thanks for helping [Music] Friends John John can you check if we're getting Closer I I [Music] Katie land a Hoy drop the Anchor the Pirates have made it to Treasure Island Pirates let's go after Me how are we going to Cross the Swamp H I have an [Music] Idea strats it's too Far Huh oh No come on girls let's Swing Wooho great we made it over the [Music] SW wow look over there it's a castle the Treasure must be over there come on Follow me Pirates

AO what's That seems like they have to finish the Puzzle to get to the treasure Pirates It's a sheade puzzle our favorite game Great we love Puzzles H I think it will fit over There a maybe you could turn it a little Bit Perfect and now for the circle AO Beth Ari can you help me Sure great Pirates [Music] H I think you need to switch places [Music] I unbelievable they solve the puzzle It's a whale AO a treasure Chest well shiver Me Timber the Pirates Have found the Treasure and wow it's a treasure chest Full of hats how Fun wow H hey ho [Music] Hey Hey what a treasure what a party can I Get aoy Pirates [Music] Aoy [Music] A baby TV


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