Fun at the Beach with Beep Beep | Summer Fun 😎 | Cartoons for Kids | Toddler Videos @BabyTV

Fun at the Beach with Beep Beep | Summer Fun 😎 | Cartoons for Kids | Toddler Videos @BabyTV

Voom Vam goes to the beach by herself and gets stuck in the sand. Roady and Trucky come to the rescue. SUBSCRIBE for more videos every week!

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[Music] Foreign [Music] And Truckee [Music] Baby [Music] Keep tracky Truckee Where is he Truckee I'm counting to Three one Two Three Hey boom fam hey Roadie have you seen Truckee no he told me to meet him here So he'd go to the beach together and I Waited and waited and he's not here Maybe forgot forgot why would you want To go to the beach it's full of wet Water that splashes around sound sounds Like fun tell Truckee I got tired of Waiting and went on my own huh If you're happy and you know it clap Your hands if you're happy and you know It clap your hands if you happy and you Know it then your face will surely show It if you're happy and you know it clap Your hands Wow I've never seen so much water before I've made it to the beach by myself Sam Get ready I'm gonna jump on you one two Three boom you're so soft and this Tickles Ocean wait for me I'm coming

Waze you want to play hide and seek Catch me [Music] I have wipers I'm not afraid of your Splashes wow You didn't get me Try again Oh what's this what's happened to me Where did my wheels go I'm sure they Were here I'm stuck oh no Hey trucky what are you doing I'm Watering help what's that oops sorry It's just water water I can't stand water that's why I didn't Go to the beach with Blue Van Went to the beach she waited for you and You didn't show up I completely forgot We said we'd go come on oh let's join Her it'll be fun Really wait for me I don't want to touch The sand or the water Come on stop splashing my wipers are Getting tired Oh ocean you're so salty That's boom fam's horn Fam boom bam truck is on his way don't Go anywhere I can't go anywhere my Wheels have disappeared [Music] Huh you've gotta save her from the sand Look it it it ain't film fam's Wheels oh Hmm it's all right Pooh van you just Sank into the sand you need big tires Like mine for the sand I'm so happy to

See you trucky Wow Roadie did you see that Look Yeah you're full of sand I can't stand Sand Y's right we could use a little dip in The water Okay What's that oh it's wet that's water I Don't like water it's way stop it's not Funny [Music] Baby [Music]

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