Gee-Raffa – Ostrich and the Towel β€ŠπŸ€©| Summer Fun 😎 | Cartoons for Kids @BabyTV

Gee-Raffa – Ostrich and the Towel β€ŠπŸ€©| Summer Fun 😎 | Cartoons for Kids @BabyTV

Ostrich comes back from the beach soaking wet. Raffa won’t let her lay in his hammock until she dries off. Will she find something to dry her off?
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[Music] Hahaha Baby TV Hey Whoa hi Hello [Music] Zero Domino [Music] Hold on I'm coming hello hello Rafa you look like you're in a good mood No actually a great mood sure what do You mean I'm always in a great mood so Why are you in such a great mood today I Just got back from the beach I had so Much fun I feel like hugging you I Really love the beach and I love Swimming great now I'm tired surely you Don't mind if I rest in your hammock no No no way you really shouldn't why well My hammock is really tired I swung in it A lot today Rafa really that's what Hammocks do they swing no no no no maybe You like to play ball Rafa I told you I'm so tired Oh Rafa could it be that you don't want Me to lie in your hammock Um yes but why because you're wet You're right I am what but what does That have to do with your hammock if you Lay down in my hammock it'll get wet too And then come on Rafa get up But why so we can find something to dry

Me off so I can lay in your hammock That's a great idea of course it's a Great idea it was my idea So come on let's go to my pile I'm sure We can find something to dry you off I Thought you'd never ask hmm let's see What can dry you off No huh a mushroom oh nope that's not it Here here this is a great idea a Lifesaver how's a lifesaver can help me Dry off I'm already back from the beach And I'm wet and I want to be dry oh Right that won't help hmm let's see Maybe a xylophone A watery can how will the watering can Help there's water in it and I'm already Wet you're completely right let's keep Looking the spoon A guitar No no that's not it either I've got to Help you ostrich what could dry you off Oh I know I know I know I know what can Help [Music] I don't understand how that thing can Help me look you take the towel and Start to dry yourself with it like this Yes just like that You know it's fun drying off and Suddenly I'm not so wet anymore This towel is just great and what's even Better is that now I would really like It if you if I what if you would swing In the hammock with me

[Music] This hammock is so much fun yes it's my Favorite thing in the world Except for you ostrich I like you even More except for me of course [Music] Baby [Music]

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