UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs Nuna Mixx Next 2022 | Stroller Comparison | Magic Beans

UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs Nuna Mixx Next 2022 | Stroller Comparison | Magic Beans

so a stroller comparison that is verypopular in magic beans is a nuna mixnext and up a baby vista and if you arein this scenario right now where you’recomparing those two strollers i havereally good news for you because i’mgonna break it down for you i’m going tocomparethe vista and the mix next becausestrollers are so confusing i you havenever shopped for strollers before youdon’t knowwhat the first thing to look at when it

going to help you figure it out i’mellie from agitbeans videos i’m so gladyou found me because i’m going to helpyou if you want to meet with one of myexperts go to mbeans.com consultationsand we can give you your ownpersonalized consultation oh by the waythese both are available to buy from uswith free shipping sothese are great full-size strollers youif you live in the city these are goingto be perfect for youin particular the next has this

great suspension going over potholes ordo starbucks have potholes i don’t thinkthey doeroded sidewalks snow going to umthrough across the playground this isreally going to really last when itcomes to pushing around this is whatmakes it the next is they upgraded thesuspension in the back which makes itreally really easy to pushif you’re looking at the vista you seethem everywhere they’re super superpopular one of the reasons why people

future-proof stroller meaning that youcan use this from for one child twochildren even three children you can adda second seat um a rumble seat to turnit to two and then you can add a piggyback to the back to actually have threekids use the stroller now the mix doesnot have the ability to turn into adouble stroller now in general irecommend that you think about thestroller that you need today versusthinking about too far into the futurebut

and you knowif you are looking for a stroller toturn into a double then the vista wouldbe a better choice in this capacity nowin terms of newborn readiness that’sanother big difference between the twoif you look at the newton mix next it’sa full recline for newborn lying flatlift up the foot rest and then actuallyyou wouldn’t know this i’m so glad youfound me there are these little buttonedsituations on below and you can buttonthese clothes latch these clothes so the

bassinetuma bassinet setup when the baby’s firstborn now when it comes to the vista youcan see there’s more of a wedge herewhen you recline the seatthere’s a wedge so you can’t put anewborn baby directly into the seat nowthey sell a product called a baby snugseat which flattens out the seat so youcan use it with the snug seat it alsocomes with a bassinet the mix does notcome with a bassinet but you can get a

and theso when you use the bassinet then youcan use it fornewborn now i do full reviews of thenudi mix next and the upper baby vistaon the channel so if you want a reallyin-depthreview of both of these strollers idefinitely would recommend you check outthose reviewsum also um these two strollers were alsoreviewed back in 2020 20 um with anotherlike very very similar comparison so

this video but remember if you want tohave your own personalized consultationgo to mbeans.com consultations and we’dbe happy to help you i will see you atthe next videoyou

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