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In this video, Eli reintroduces the Orbit Baby G5 travel system. Eli takes a deep dive into the many configurations offered by this unique system, including converting from a single to double stroller. If you are nerdy about baby gear, like us, the innovative design and features of this rotating system are sure to excited you!

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Orbit Baby G5 Stroll and Ride Travel System: https://www.mbeans.com/products/orbit-baby-g5-stroll-and-ride-travel-system
Orbit Baby G5 Stroll and Sleep Travel System: https://www.mbeans.com/products/orbit-baby-g5-stroll-and-sleep-travel-system
Orbit Baby G5 Stroll, Sleep, and Ride Travel System: https://www.mbeans.com/products/orbit-baby-g5-stroll-sleep-and-ride-travel-system
Orbit Baby G5 Stroller: https://www.mbeans.com/products/orbit-baby-g5-stroller
Orbit Baby G5 Bassinet: https://www.mbeans.com/products/orbit-baby-g5-bassinet

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